Early Christmas cheer with Santa Spirit’s EvEnt

So I was getting tired of EVE but of course, but I have fail-safes, you see, to prevent me from getting entirely worn out. It turns out that when you put the wellbeing of other players before yourself it can get tiring pretty fast; I can only admire my parents at this moment for putting up with me for so, so long.

So these fail-safes, of course, are the numerous community events I sign myself up for. I generally don’t bother other alliance members with them, just mention in passing and if they’re interested they can look up the events themselves.

Essentially, when I’m bored, I’m obliged to return to participate in the events I already committed myself to, and usually, somehow these little things just re-ignite my desire to play.

Santa Spirit’s EvEnt was no exception.

The day kicked off for me around 2200 EVE Time, and local was already buzzing with holiday cheer when I got in. The actual locals were dazed at the sudden spike of activity in their home, the top station was lit up with fireworks (and this genius who was shooting his own drones in a battleship with multi-coloured lasers, which looked awesome).

Amarrian battleship shooting its own drones with lasers.

Santa’s ‘elves’ were already dishing out gifts to the list of guests in the designated event station willy-nilly, people were linking their presents in glee. I personally managed to snag myself a mining crystal blueprint.

Other planned events included numerous ship scrambles, where everyone undocked and flew to an unpiloted hull floating in space and tried to board it first.

A frigate race, where the first and second people to make it to a pilot who warped in to a random point some 200kms off station won prizes.

The rookie ship brawl, which I was a part of, which reaffirmed my suspicions about the drone meta. Indeed, my rookie ship with its civilian shield booster could tank the other rookie ships indefinitely, but as soon as someone put one Hornet I on me, I melted. Desperately, I tried to shoot the damn thing with my civilian autocannons, barely scratching its shields as it tore through my Reaper’s armour. A last-ditch attempt to secure a drone by scooping up one someone had dropped saved me from the Hornet… only to have someone else notice me in low structure and put their Acolyte on me. I crumbled, but out of the 25-man FFA I had surprisingly made it into maybe the top 5 since some guys left on field had mistakenly gone off grid and been disqualified. So close. Had I realised drones were that most important factor I would’ve paid more attention to trying to scoop one as soon as I lost my first.


The planned events, though, was only the flame to melt our cold capsuleer hearts and bring out the christmas warmth. Attendees were determined to share the joy of the festive season with everyone else, offering up the presents they got to others who didn’t, for instance. A special mention has to go to one Calypso Phoenix, who made it her mission to personally send every single person in local 500k ISK, despite being fairly new to the game. A small amount, perhaps, but it was the thought that counted this time, and it kinda made me self-conscious about how close I keep my ISK to myself. I worked so hard, and yet here was someone in the beginnings of their EVE career, distributing ISK to players like me, like it was nothing. It reminded me of my first few weeks, believing anything was possible, where my vision of the future was lined with flowers and rainbows sparkled around every stargate.

Aside from this, there was a haiku challenge, more random ISK being thrown at each other in local, me trying to do a Christmas-themed trivia (cut short by the rookie ship brawl), and an assortment of other little tidbits players threw in to make the whole event a little more magnificent. A true testament to the power of the players if we just worked together, rather than worry about each other backstabbing each other as soon as we stop being vigilant.

Awesome way to set the mood before CCP’s official celebratory event- Oh, and about that, the EveDownUnder channel got a little hint on when we’re getting more information:

[ 2014.12.16 07:13:21 ] Tullendar > Hi Mimic, any news on a CCP Christmas event like last year ?
[ 2014.12.16 07:13:39 ] CCP Mimic > Tullendar devblog should be out this week I believe

I suppose it’s nothing too special that this much has been revealed; most of us would’ve guessed the dev blog couldn’t be too far away, even though Mimic wasn’t speaking in absolutes. Can’t wait!

So, thank you to Santa Spirit for the organisation, to CCP for helping out with contributing some goodies and doing some teleporting for the rookie ship brawl. I wish I could’ve stuck around for the rest of the event, but after the brawl I was whisked away to go shoot some people with the alliance. Such a strange contrast.

CCP's Polaris frigate.
CCP Leeloo’s Polaris frigate, at the Christmas event.

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