Blinded by ideals, honor, pride.

Accompanying my post today will be some awesome pictures of the HED-GP battle of 5/12/14, taken by some EVE player whose imgur username is halycon8.

I argued with the alliance leadership with how they ran things. They wanted us to be ruthless with our enemies. I wanted all our enemies to be frenemies.

Further pondering has revealed to me it just isn’t as simple as that. I play the white knight all I like, but I’ve realised that the way I play EVE, I’m just being a hypocrite.

I derive enjoyment from EVE by PvPing, more from winning but the occasional close loss is thrilling too. Recently, I’ve been leading fleets, and this means we have been dropping on single players with out fleets, demolishing them, and flying off after looting their wrecks. Naturally, my enjoyment comes at the expense of someone elses’, usually my victim.

I think I said somewhere (I can’t find the damn post, maybe I ended up not posting it…) that I will draw the line where my enjoyment encroaches on someone’s ability to play EVE. I said this because I want players we are shooting to still enjoy the game, not hate logging on because everyday they’re staring at our mean faces making life difficult for them.

I’ve come to realise that such a motive is extremely shallow and, hell, plain childish. It’s almost asking for a perfect world where I can still shoot people, and they will blow me love hearts, and I will do the same when they shoot me. No. After further thought, that’s not what I want at all.

So what am I looking for? Where is the happy medium? It turns out, there are many more questions to be asked.

For instance, what makes someone hate playing the game? When we shoot them in low-sec? Permanently war-dec them? Hellcamp their stations? Shoot their structures? All of the above? And if we go to such extremes to make life painful for them, would we enjoy it?

Which brings me to the second question. If we are making someone else enjoy the game less, is it making MY pilots, especially our fresh-faced recruits, enjoy the game more? And if I believe our pilots’ entertainment is worth more than the enjoyment of the others’, does that warrant shooting them as long as we’re happy?

What I initially saw as a black-and-white situation between

1) Being annoying pirates and 2) Being honorable space pirates who honor ransoms and will 1v1 without links

actually has a massive grey area, where you’ve got to ask questions like the ones above to understand whether or not what you’re doing is actually horrible, or acceptable in the grand scheme of the game’s life.

In that respect, I think it’s okay for me to be a little more… ruthless. Hypocrisy is something I try to minimise, and going around trying to play the nice guy whilst PvPing, I’ve realised, is the epitome of hypocrisy.

I’ve been trying to treat everyone equally, because ideally, that would be the case in a perfect world. But even New Eden, as awesome as it is, ain’t perfect. Too prideful to admit it, though. I’d rather argue pointlessly with the leadership that we shouldn’t be hounding our enemies until they disband and leave the game, whilst I’m smiling with my members plotting about how we should ransom someone and dishonor the ransom.

We’re a pirate alliance, and they say there’s honor amongst thieves. If anything, that’s the kind of atmosphere I want to aim for in the alliance. But I want us to be the ‘Robin Hood’ kind of thief, rather than simple brigands. If we’re going to play the bad guys, then do it with intelligence and flair, rather than stumbling around drunkenly mouthing off everyone in our paths.

Funny, how you need to go blind before you see what was in front of your face all that time.


2 thoughts on “Blinded by ideals, honor, pride.”

  1. It’s okay to be ruthless (heck, you’ve got to be, in EVE), but it’s not okay to be cruel. Some people fail to make the distinction.

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