Carols by starlight

I read everything in the “Latest News” section of EVE’s launcher; lots of juicy news as well as cool opportunities, and I always endorse opportunities. These days (post-“This is EVE” trailer), I especially love hearing about events even the newest of newbros can join, if they know about it.

So, in the news feed today was Santa Spirit’s third Christmas EvEnt. My eyes spotted the Rookie Ship brawl and…

Bam. I’m the 5th capsuleer to sign-up for the Matari. WOOHOO.

Very excited, last year the event was 2100 EVE TIME which isn’t unreasonable for me (unlike mass testing), so I have high hopes about making it.

A rookie ship brawl (going to fly in with a ship just in case, but I’m assuming they’re provided as default fits?) isn’t skill-intensive. Sure, older pilots get all those passive bonuses, but really, in a 25-man Last Man Standing, the chaos negates most of that. It is an opportunity that can be a heck of a lot of fun for a rookie player, if, once again, they knew about it.

This brings me to the point I tried to hammer home in the my EDU speech. We have an amazing community, we just need to share it with the newbros.

They are out there, forging their own paths through the wilderness of New Eden, wide-eyed and innocent, about to be pounced on by gankers from the space bushes.

Will you reach out and give them a hand?

The thought process many of us, me included, go through when we see a newbro usually ends with “having a newbie parasitically latch onto you for no personal gain is not worth it.”

And even though I know that:

  • a game is held together by its players, and
  • that new player retention is super important, and
  • that EVE is hard, and
  • I was recently a newbie in the same position,

sometimes I don’t do anything about it. I don’t give a newbro a helping hand, and let New Eden’s darker forces consume the poor sod. I’m not proud of it, but the long-term isn’t (has never really been) an incentive for me to act. A weakness, something I wish I could change my mentality about.

However, I’ve found that perhaps the initial idea that the newbro will weigh you down… is misguided.

Adopting a newbro properly will certainly lead to questions, queries and confusions all around the clock, yes, but to set a newbro on the right path and send him or her off for greatness in a few years could take a mere minute or two of your time, and will lead to greater independence, a factor that cannot be underestimated.

I mentioned a singular event that unlocked the door to EVE’s community for me that I partook in in my initial month, the most important one. Surviving that first month is key, I think. If a new player can make it past a month with a good outlook for the future, they will most likely stay for the long term. I had a corporation, and I had the One Man Crew solo PvP contest.

OMC was what opened my eyes to the possibilities that lay in New Eden. As I also mentioned in my EDU talk, corporation/alliance leadership have too much on their minds to worry about public community activities their recruits can partake in. Furthermore, as our own leadership fear, they worry their members might leave them to join corporations hosting these activities. I doubt this, but it’s valid, I suppose.

So a newbro, as I did, had to go looking themselves. UNLESS you throw them a cookie, give them a taste of the community that we already know exists thanks to our experience and persistence. No, they won’t end up on your hands for the rest of their early EVE careers, begging and whining until they eventually quit and you’re left feeling hollow, used and abused.

A great example of giving newbros a taste of this experience is Redemption Road and Greygal’s “Adopt a Newbro” NPSI roams. Redemption Road have been organising these NPSI roams a lot recently, and this is initiative is an awesome twist on it; bring the fleet to some starter systems, persuade some newbros to join up, and take them out for the night of their lives.

An even more insane example: Brave Newbies most likely had dozens of newbies at the HED-GP battle a few days ago. Newbros shooting capitals, experiencing a huge fight (albeit at 10% Time Dilation factor) between the biggest coalitions of EVE. That’s the taste you can give them simply by directing them towards these groups, towards an NPSI roam you know of, towards the dozens of other community experiences that can be found from TMDC, to the launcher’s news feed.

Guide them to that path, be the Caroline’s star to their neckbearded wise men, and in a few Christmas’ time we’ll all be singing carols by starlight together.


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