New opportunity spotted:

Sounds like great fun! I’m no master video editor or filmmaker but once again, why the hell not?

So, what is ‘keyboard-happy’? Talkative. Letting mouths run regardless of the brain. Loose lips.

Silence is golden. Sometimes, nothing being said speaks volumes more than words could. Examples:

Exhibit A: “It should work… in theory.”

“We have it easy… because we’re getting help.”

“We could win this… or we could die horribly.”

Exhibit B: “I need to go eat… but I’ll be back soon so don’t worry about me I’ll warp you all to the safe okay you guys are in warp I need to eat so just chill at the safe take a break whatever look out for probes, d-scan make sure you d-scan I really need to go eat.”

Exhibit C: -push to talk clicks on after a joke- *laughter* -clicks off-

-clicks back on- *more laughter* -clicks off-

Exhibit D: -clicks on- Uhmmm… -clicks off-

-clicks on- Lalalla, what to do… -clicks off-

-clicks on- Brbllbbllblblb, brrrblblblblbl -clicks off-

-clicks on- if the fleet warped here… then there… then here… what would they do… –clicks off-

Sometimes, the second half of those sentences are unnecessary. If your in a position to be telling your fleet a battle-plan and you end with ‘in theory’, things look a little more shaky; you essentially lower the morale you just raised.

Then you have run-off sentences. People think I finish, but I go on in the same breath talking a few sentences worth in a rush before I go.

Clicks just for me laughing, clicks just for me ‘ummm’ing, clicks for me making thinking noises (clucking my tongue, humming, groaning, sighing, muttering incoherently), now that I think about it, I hit the push-to-talk key for almost every goddamn sound I make.

It’s unnecessary. It’s keyboard-happy. I went ahead and interpreted the whole “the fleet needs to hear the FC” idea wrong. The fleet doesn’t need to know what the FC is doing, they need to know that he knows what he’s doing.

Finding a happy balance between saying what is needed to be said and just carrying on is a tough one. I was never one of those people who could have coherent conversations for extended periods of time. My mind drifts, my thoughts wander and my mouth just keeps yappin’.

I probably find myself having this problem because I fear the alternative. Awkward silences. Weird pauses. A lack of a sense of finality. The thing is, must I break those silences all the time? Is every awkward silence a bad silence? Is every pause in the conversation horrible? I feel kinda selfish now. What if some people needed time to digest my thoughts, and I just kept up a running commentary of my thoughts as I try to formulate more sentences? I don’t think I do this all the time, but I do notice I go on a lot when there isn’t a need for it.

Artwork by Rixx Javix.
Artwork by Rixx Javix.

Beyond fleet commanding, this is especially important for alliance leadership too. Once again, members don’t want to know what you think, they want to know you think.

It’s as simple as that. They just want a direction, a path to follow. It is highly risky to expose your indecisions, the arguments behind the scenes. I have argued with the leadership. I don’t feel like that’s a bad thing. The bad thing is, I let that slip out. I let my doubts about the path we follow slip into my attitude.

It’s important to mask this as best you can, and everyone has their own unique way of dispersing the discord. Because your members, your friends, are playing a game. You, are playing a game. Forgive me for being blunt, but we aren’t being paid to deal with bullshit. I’ve had to remind myself of that sometimes, so I don’t take things to seriously.

Which means do whatever is within your power to minimise it, unless you enjoy sloshing around in that kind of mess. Other players know when something is up, they can smell drama from a mile away and they come running to witness it, wide-eyed and impressionable.

I’ve stirred some shit recently, and whilst I may have enjoyed arguing my point of view, I certainly regretted it when that argument popped up in the middle of a roam, because I wanted to be a little sarcastic. One of our alliance members convo’d me over that and asked me what the hell was going on. It struck me then how sometimes, it’s best not to let your members know what you’re feeling.

Loose lips explode ships.


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