EVE Fiction contest!

I was alerted to the 3rd running of the Pod and Planet EVE Fiction Contest for YC116 in New Eden today.

My writing may not be perfect but in EVE, when opportunity presents itself, you pounce. Never not.

That’s going to be my message in the EDU speech I’ll be giving too, by the by. Speaking of which, I’m a little nervous. I get mixed feedback about my public speaking. Some say it’s awesome, some say it’s okay. -shrug- We’ll see how it plays out. I certainly feel more confident since I’ve had lots of time to prepare. I like to think about things for a while, before I act on anything. Often people mistake it for immaturity, not being able to instantly decide what to do. It means I often ask others for what they want to do, or what they would do in a situation, rather than make an independent decision. It also sometimes means I don’t ask or convey thoughts to others, because I’m still considering things as people move on in a conversation. For example, someone tells a joke, we all laugh, then people move on with the conversation, and I’m lagging behind considering the nuances of the joke and how it can be manipulated to appear original, so I can use it again without feeling like I’m copying it.

Okay that paragraph was never meant to be there, and this was always going to be a 3-sentence post. Anyway, I’m going to enter that writing contest, and hopefully I get something I can feel proud about uploading here. More writing! \o/


First of all, I must thank my alliance members and friends who aren’t in alliance but join roams I FC, for not biting at me when I go whelp our fleets. Thanks, and no thanks. Every time I do, they’re always eager or at least willing to come on the next round, and every time I ask them about it, they say it’s no problem, and I honestly believe them.

So why do I feel so guilty every time we lose a fight?

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