First of all, I must thank my alliance members and friends who aren’t in alliance but join roams I FC, for not biting at me when I go whelp our fleets. Thanks, and no thanks. Every time I do, they’re always eager or at least willing to come on the next round, and every time I ask them about it, they say it’s no problem, and I honestly believe them.

So why do I feel so guilty every time we lose a fight?

Here’s the first fight we found today:

4x Merlin, 1x Condor, 1x Tormentor, 1x Maulus vs. 4x Tristan, 1x Burst, 1x RF Firetail

The fight broke out when a Merlin landed on my bait Burst, followed by a Maulus. My gang was incoming shortly after, and landed without issue, and I got everyone to primary the Maulus.

Then the other gang landed before I could say anything else, and to be honest, I froze up a little. I kept the fleet on the Maulus, and called the Merlin as secondary as I went down. Thing is, I forgot to get them to move. Our fleet is designed to be flitting at disruptor range whilst we pummel enemies inside our orbits with drones. That’s the optimal situation. Instead when the enemies initially landed I got my fleet to land on me at zero, did not ask for orbits to be set up, and failed to capitalise on the strength of our fleet, much to our detriment when the blaster Merlins landed. The Maulus went down after I did, and I attempted to keep calling primaries as my pod was warping. Whether or not I should have, the result probably would have been the same. I did have the names of one or two Merlins burned into my brain just before I warped, and if we HAD managed to taken them out, my fleet would’ve been in a position to clear the field for sure. That didn’t happen, though, and we escaped with a Tristan.

I was a little downcast, it would’ve been a much better fight if the dps had warped at range. Had I coordinated things for that to be so. Some time after, as we warped off in our pods, people were still happy to come out for round 2. One new guy actually said he had fun.

I don’t know whether they were saying it just to make me feel better, because I was (embarassingly) spouting self-pitying bullshit on comms. I think back now and I wonder why I can’t shut my mouth in those moments sometimes. However, I think some degree of humility and responsibility has to be shown by the FC after a fight goes badly, I think I just over did it a bit too much. Just a tad to admit we could have done better, then move on to the next fleet and future fights. A lesson for next time.

Anyway, I composed myself and we got another fleet up and running. We were roaming for quite some time before we stumbled upon our next encounter.

The battle report is a little messed up and isn’t showing everything, but it was

2x Astero, 1x Tristan vs. 1x Navitas, 1x IN Slicer, 1x RF Firetail, 3x Tristan

The Astero was dual-rep fit, nevertheless we were hitting hard, but out of nowhere when he hit structure, he repaired himself to half armour. At that same moment another Astero and Tristan landed on grid in the PLEX, and took our Slicer off the field. Valuable DPS lost, it was a desperate attempt to try break the initial Astero, to no avail. We fell one by one, losing the fleet with nothing to show for it.

After this one I was well and truly I was prepared for the chorus of “thanks for the fleet”s and “better luck next time maybe”s as my members filtered off. I actually attempted to pre-empt them, and began the usual “thanks for coming” speech. All I got in response, though, was “you’re giving up already?”.

I have to hand it to our recruiters, they’ve done a good job finding people who want to learn to PvP with me. Even after the same FC led them to their deaths twice in rapid succession, they would’ve been happy to go again. Okay, well, one of them was, I didn’t ask the rest, because if they were all willing I would’ve been obliged to go again. 😛

I took the two losses hard. I still am mulling over them, and how things could’ve gone differently if I did x or didn’t try flying bait logi in the first place. But listening to my eager pilots, I can’t help but feel a sense of hope, that maybe they can learn to be great PvP pilots under my care, even as I learn to become an FC from scratch.


2 thoughts on “Rockbottom?”

    1. Hahah, I was hoping I could bury that one before anyone saw. I certainly did forget I just jumped into high-sec… I sat there for a few seconds wondering why I couldn’t warp and how the hell a rookie ship was killing me so fast.

      Thank you for the words of encouragement, friend!

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