Progress Report – October 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great solo PvPer

Current objectives:

1)Become a respectable FC and leader in my new alliance

2)Create a profitable trading/hauling business in order to supply the alliance

Knowledge is power, I feel. Understanding a bit about everything should contribute to my ultimate objective. FC work, fleet fights, leadership, trading, all of these are skills that in one way or another can contribute to that ultimate objective. I’m just not pursuing it as directly as I had been, but I’m coming to realise that the direct route may be the fastest but not the best…

This month has been littered with quite a few blog posts, and past progress reports kind of covered content that overlapped with the month’s posts. Can’t get rid of it entirely but these reports shouldn’t be a summary of my posts, and I’ll be endeavouring to make that so.


Revi has been losing a few ships here and there and the alliance as a whole hasn’t really established an income source. Combined with the initial investment in Imo and some other outflows, that boost from winning the Providence from the EVE Down Under show (EDU 21 days away!) to my wallet has run dry.

Imogen is doing… okayish. I think I spent all my capital too quickly without researching enough, or planning my initial steps too wisely. The first few weeks should have been spent building initial capital, rather than instantly attempting to bolster the half-hearted hub down at Gamis, where demand is absolutely depressing. I’ve managed to sell some things, however, and I did end up cancelling some buy orders to get some cash back to invest in some station trading. Remote transaction skills are greatly helping me with organising these, I’ve already cut down on over a hundred jumps by rough estimation over the past few days, simply because I don’t need to be at the station I’m setting up orders for. Regional limitations are a bit of a pain but then again, that arbitrary wall is what is making me profitable.


Alliance has been getting into some skirmishes here and there. Some led by me, some led by one or two other FCs in alliance or simply in the area. Most have been quiet; Derelik yielded great results on our first roam but alas that has been the only time so far we’ve experienced such.

We’ve suffered defeat at the hands of Initiative alliance and Calamitous-Intent so far, and it’s dampened the spirits of some. I personally am more fired up than ever, and I only hope the others are willing to lose some more ships with me on our path to find greatness.


Considering a tentative step into low-sec after a few weeks in neighbouring high-sec systems. The fights we have gotten have been destroying our pilots’ security statuses and as such high-sec is becoming more and more of a nuisance to deal with.

//End Progress Report

Still unsure about the format of these reports… further tweaking required.



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