My first EVE mass test.

October 28th 1700 EVE Time.

4am in the bloody morning down in Australia.

I had the option today, so I decided, why the hell not.

Congregating on the gate.
Undocking from the initial station.

To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. Here’s what CCP got us to do in terms of testing new features hitting Tranquility in a week (read this thread for full list):

  • Accept missions // for new mission objectives apparently being more concise, didn’t really notice these very much. However when we undocked I certainly liked the bars of colour for the new compass indicating where to go in terms of the missions.
  • Sell multiple items on the market (at the same time) // Testing the new multi-sell option. We all went apeshit when apparently after selling once, the sell window wouldn’t open up again at all. However, someone figured out that the multi-sell window does not close properly after selling, and remains minimised on your Neocom. Lots of bug reports must’ve gone in unnecessarily for that. 😛
  • Jump to X-BV9 // Capitals were made to hop through gates. One observation here is that on the other side, capitals jumping in can mean personal space near the gate quickly evaporates, and someone was complaining about aligning out; he couldn’t do it because the numerous capitals jumping in kept bumping him.
  • Shoot the control tower // Not sure if this was to test new POS HP/resistances or just for fun. I don’t even think POS’ are changing, only specific null-sec infrastructure.
  • Fleet W: Jump to Poitot and setup gate camp
  • Fleet X: Jump to Poitot + fight at the gate // I was part of Fleet W for this, and I think we lost due to sheer numbers being in Fleet X. Indeed, I joined both fleet channels and only a few ‘w’s were seen (so I chose that one because I’d get into a fleet faster), but in the ‘x’ channel for Fleet X, it was a downright waterfall of ‘x’s. Anyway, just me justifying an insignificant loss that no-one else cares about.
Jumping through the gate.
Jumping through the gate.

All in all, CCP kept it organised well, and whilst we didn’t find any insane bugs, they did keep it fun and it was certainly enjoyable enough to make me want to come back for more mass testing (and free SP!), if I find the times permit me to wake at such ungodly hours.

Should I go back to sleep?

… Nah, I’m heading onto Tranq to manage my orders. o7


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