Market PvP: First impressions count

Imogen is almost a week into training and she’s already a far better trader than Rev. These remote buy/sell/modify skills – Procurement, Marketing and Daytrading respectively, are going to be so useful in cutting down time spent creating and modifying orders. Rather than having to head to hubs, simply entering the relevant regions with these skills at level 3 should be sufficient for me to access the stations I need to have access to.

One of the coolest things I can do with my trader that really frustrated me with Rev, though, is put up lots of orders. Here’s a snapshot of my orders right now.

Imogen's wallet orders
Imogen’s wallet orders.

If this was Rev I would’ve maxed out available orders a long time ago (I think he was sitting on Trade II or III). Right now, the only thing limiting Imogen is my initial capital. I was considering injecting more in from Rev’s wallet, but I decided against it. I’d rather see how far I can go with what I have first, and if these orders start selling well, then I am confident I can run Imogen independently.

So right now I’m at the stage where I’m waiting for the buy orders to slowly fill, and start hauling that trickle down into Gamis, which I’ve definitely chosen as the Derelik hub where I will amass supplies to sell to the alliance or otherwise. This is going to go on until I have enough capital to start considering creating demand where there was little or none previously. Exciting prospect, but I must keep myself grounded for now.

How I’m going right now, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to keep at least 10m in my wallet at all times in case things go awfully wrong. I’m quite confident, however.

Every new trader is plagued by the question of “what to trade?”. For the new player, usually volume is the key. I totally forgot about that (unintentionally) when doing my market research, and rather I focused on two things after establishing the list of items I wanted to seed the market with. Firstly, I looked for holes in the Gamis hub where there were either no sell orders for a certain item on that list, and secondly, complementary goods.

  • A basic economic definition of complementary goods can be explained with goods A and B. If A and B are complementary, a fall in the price of A (and hence increase in demand for that good in a simple, perfectly competitive market) leads to an increase in demand for B, even if B’s price does not change.

By extension, and this is the logic I followed when purchasing items, it is likely that someone who purchases good A will purchase good B. A common example is bread and butter, or hotdogs and hotdog buns. In EVE, I’ve translated this to ancillary modules and their relevant charges, as well as other things. That’s the simple part still, though. The environment has to be right for someone to want a hotdog, or in our case, ancillary modules.

And how do we generate an environment where combat modules are required? Shoot stuff. And since we have a convenient new pirate alliance developing right here…

I’ve also found Croda’s blog, as well as his EVE Business blogs list, meaning my search for words from the past is over for trading. A treasure trove of knowledge lies in my hands, summer holidays are fast approaching, I am full of hope and I do not intend to fail.

And this is why I have great hopes for this venture. Keep an eye on tags these days, since I seem to be all over the place in New Eden. marketpvp and pvp will differentiate the two big topics from now on, with alliance of course being a close third.


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