Derelik: Not actually derelict.

In fact, the region was a bit more bountiful than my initial expectations. A roam set up by our new alliance, inviting numerous other low-sec PvP corporations in the area, ran successfully on the 18th October, EVE time. 1.5bill ISK worth of damage inflicted upon various parties that we stumbled upon (including a hauler that happened to be lugging a whopping 735m ISK worth of goodies), and no losses.

You could say it was an operation success, and we were certainly satisfied, and to be honest I could not have hoped for a better first roam. What I expected was not that much activity or success. In the long term I knew there would be roams where we searched for hours fruitlessly, and I thought that this first roam would be one of them. Apparently not, which is a relief. We needed that push, I think, to show everyone that we could actually achieve something.

In terms of the actual fights we found, well, there really was only one adequate fighting force that we actually engaged, and they were reduced to utter uselessness with our copious amounts of EWAR; including Curses, Pilgrims and Falcons, all piloted by these other corporations that our diplomats have been seeking out and inviting to our new channel for these ops. Between the bonused jams, neuts and tracking disruptors it is no surprise that the T3 battlecruisers that ran into us failed to deal any significant damage. That whole roam, the only thing that did significant damage to us were the gate guns.

There was a Gnosis fleet we passed by however, but we were unsure of their full composition, so we tried to bait them into following us and revealing exactly what they had. I thought we would not have been able to take them, but that was before I witnessed how effective the Force Recon ships were at mitigating incoming damage. It’s absolutely ridiculous in these small gang fleets, how much just one of those ships can sway a fight. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow us and for the remainder of the roam we did not see them again.

Overall, there is activity out here. Some members were doubtful about setting up in such a dead region but I think it is a good place to begin, off the radar. Grow in the shadow of the more active regions in terms of PvP, until the time is right to cast off the shroud and reveal a formidable force, a force that I believe can bring glory to our name. Soon there will be whispers of whispers of a rising unrest in the region of Derelik, whispers of something dark, something unstoppable…

The Black Sails.


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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