Discontent without content: A balancing act

I don’t think it’s meant to be this taxing on the leadership to start a new alliance. We’re… struggling? No, not exactly. It’s more like… GOD, it’s hard to explain. We’ll start from the beginning.

The inspiration for this blog post comes from an issue that arose whilst we were out roaming. It was a fairly bland roam, no real action. We took out close-range destroyers and found lots of kiting ships waiting for us. Frustrating, but to be expected. I should have been a little more forceful when suggesting railguns for our Catalysts; I’m a little too happy to accommodate for whatever my fleet wishes to fly. I hate imposing restrictions, and I tell myself if I can lead any fleet composition to victory, then with an organised fleet it would be easy as pie. A bit too confident in my abilities, I think. I feel like I am a decent FC but much of it is because my knowledge of PvP, and assessing fights based on ship types without having to check the ship hull bonuses on ISIS (which I used to do frequently and helped me immensely in understanding each races weaknesses, strengths, the impact of T2 resists, and a hell of a lot of other information).

Once my fleet members catch up to me in terms of having this knowledge on hand, I sure hope I’ll have better capabilities as a commander, or I’m just going to be a solo PvPer with leading assorted ships without thinking properly about how a fleet is to be led differently to a single ship. But this topic is deserving of a post of its own. Lets get on with the main course.

Drama in space: suspense or suspension?

So during this roam there was a little argument that arose from an advisor of ours. I am partially to blame, you see. The argument stemmed from the possibility of a friend of mine in EVE joining the alliance in what was essentially a one-man corporation. I didn’t see a problem with it, some of the other leaders… did. The reasons were unclear on both sides, but I’ll admit that it was certainly more logical for him to join an existing corp and I may have let personal friendship cloud my judgement.Eventually, one of us contacted the friend in question and resolved the issue by convincing him to join one of our existing corporations.

So that problem was solved, but even though we arrived at the solution the argument continued, escalating to a point where someone suggested that the reason we were accepting one-man corporations was because we were desperate and the alliance was dying.

And that was when I went “whoa” off comms., breathed out, pushed my chair back, and wondered how I could turn this into a blog post.

The main issue to take from this is, the leadership openly disagreed whilst members were in the same comms channel as we were.

If you want to take anything from my posts on running an alliance, Never, NEVER, do that, EVER. Conflict and tension between leaders is okay, and even productive if controlled. But to openly clash IN FULL VIEW of your members, my god. I know they are adults, most are probably older than me, but they are here to have fun! Alliance vision or no, if they aren’t having fun they aren’t having it. I am admittedly disappointed that one of us chose to stage such a show whilst we were on roam. I was trying, pointedly, to return our focus to where it mattered, but I fear the damage was done. A member who usually was in for round two retired after he died once.

Conflict – Can occur in more ways than some. 😛

I am all for benevolent Kings and transparency, but this wasn’t transparency, this was full-frontal nudity exposing the most bare, ugly machinations underneath the pretty roams and events we had been scheduling.

Once again, there are issues that must be discussed, and there are issues that must be discussed within the leadership only. Especially with such… powerful… personalities sitting at the top.

It was an important issue, too, one that I have alluded to in the title of the blog post. How do we keep players interested? How do we give them the impression the alliance is moving forward?

We keep repeating ourselves, it’s frustrating! Maybe I’m not cut out to be a leader, maybe repetition is how we get messages across, but God damn! We have the same talks over and over about what to do and I’m wondering more and more whether the alliance was a good idea (-me being pathetic-). Finally I think we have settled on recruitment as being the most obvious path we can take. Growth coupled with scheduled times for events. Good.

I hope we don’t end up talking about the exact same things next week. We need a bit of patience, I think. Did you know Rome wasn’t built in a day?

These talks, they’re not for me. I like to do things a few times, but not tediously run over the same content 10 to 15 times. I’m starting to worry that it’s not that the leaders are worried the members aren’t confident in the alliance, but the leaders themselves don’t have the confidence they can make it through these early days.

I thought I left PvP behind when I docked my ship. I was wrong.


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