Jack of all trades, AND master of all!?

When I started EVE I told my fellow corpmates at the time I would stick with one character for a long time, a long time being a few years.

They laughed at me. I remained resolute, unwavering in their jibes. Every few days one of them would at log in with an alt of their own to say hi to me, or ask me when I was getting that other character I wished I had. I laughed back. My early days were full of good-natured chats and fun conversations with awesome people. I was extremely lucky to be in the position of knowing there was a corporation I could join from the get-go.

9 months later, though, today in fact, I went back on all of that and I now have a second character. My saving grace, though, is that I have not exactly subbed a new account, but just employed another of my three character slots. I now have one empty slot remaining.

The cogs started turning when the alliance turned to discussions of assigning roles to our leadership, giving the four of us distinct purposes. Delegation, as we all know, is important, especially if you want the alliance to be able to grow. Of interest to me was the finances of the alliance. You see I’m studying commerce at the moment and EVE Online is probably one of the best games to simulate the real world in terms of economics and business, not to mention 100x more fun. Sorry real world, no hard feelings.

Not to mention the task of logistics for the alliance, as well as my super awesome plan to try establish a stronger trading hub in Derelik so we can work out of it, required more than an idea in my head to accomplish. Yep, it’s official. The alliance has chosen to try establish itself out of Derelik first.

Anyway, I needed a character with skills. I briefly considered training Rev into some Trade skills but dismissed the idea. The other option was to spend some of the money I managed to get from that Providence (sold it), purchase a PLEX, and multi-character train for a month. Tempting… a few minutes later a buy order went up for the PLEX.

A little bit later and bang, welcome to the family, Imogen Eyri. Gosh I come up with such… imaginary names. 😉

Portrait of my trader, Imogen.

I do like having back stories for my characters and I was thinking hard about how a girl could fit in and I think I may have something interesting; by which I mean not too cliche but if you look beyond the pretty front it’s just a slightly altered cliche. But I’ll work on that before throwing my EVE characters into any crazy role-playing.

Okay I’ll admit I wanted to make a girl character just for the hell of it, too. It was fascinating playing with all the options. (Freckles are pretty… -drifts off-)


Imogen here is going to be the official -insert cool title here- of Finances. Putting my basic economic and accounting skills into action for an EVE Online alliance sounds much more interesting than some dull lecture example, and I’m quite excited about seeing how far I can go, and more importantly, whether it’s of any use for the alliance or in EVE at all. But CCP do employ some economists to monitor New Eden, and consider how new or changed items could affect the economy, so surely there are some relationships between the real and the fantasy I can draw. But who cares about thinking too hard about it – having an alt, even on the same account is really making me grin; it’s really refreshing.

Anyway I’ve been blitzing through the relevant career agents for my trading path (making a second character is so easy now that I have the basics down), to get down into the executor corporation for the alliance ASAP. Also, I’ve got a pretty neat little skill plan I’ve cooked up on EVEMon.

Skill plan for Imogen Eyri

1. Cybernetics I (75,000 ISK)
2. Cybernetics II
3. Cybernetics III
4. Social I (20,000 ISK)
5. Contracting I (150,000 ISK)
6. Contracting II
7. Contracting III
8. Negotiation I (60,000 ISK)
9. Negotiation II
10. Negotiation III
11. Negotiation IV
12. Social II
13. Social III
14. Connections I (200,000 ISK)
15. Connections II
16. Connections III
17. Social IV
18. Fast Talk I (100,000 ISK)
19. Fast Talk II
20. Fast Talk III
21. Trade I (20,000 ISK)
22. Trade II
23. Broker Relations I (100,000 ISK)
24. Broker Relations II
25. Broker Relations III
26. Broker Relations IV
27. Marketing I (3,500,000 ISK)
28. Marketing II
29. Marketing III
30. Marketing IV
31. Procurement I (1,500,000 ISK)
32. Procurement II
33. Procurement III
34. Procurement IV
35. Retail I (100,000 ISK)
36. Retail II
37. Retail III
38. Retail IV
39. Retail V
40. Trade III
41. Trade IV
42. Accounting I (5,000,000 ISK)
43. Accounting II
44. Accounting III
45. Accounting IV
46. Daytrading I (12,500,000 ISK)
47. Daytrading II
48. Daytrading III
49. Daytrading IV
50. Margin Trading I (20,000,000 ISK)
51. Margin Trading II
52. Margin Trading III
53. Margin Trading IV
54. Trade V
55. Visibility I (7,500,000 ISK)
56. Visibility II
57. Visibility III
58. Visibility IV
59. Wholesale I (35,000,000 ISK)
60. Wholesale II
61. Wholesale III

Total time: 43 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds; Cost: 85,825,000
N.B. Skill costs are based on CCP's database and are indicative only

Times like these I really appreciate EVEMon. With it, I managed to calculate that the extra attributes from +4 implants in the short 30 days I have to train Imogen does not reduce training time below the amount of time it takes to actually train Cybernetics IV. Is this what min-maxing feels like? Basically with +3 implants and a Charisma/Willpower remap, I should be able to cram all this into my new character’s head before the month is up. Really, the more orders, the better. Once I hit that 20-day mark I’ll know exactly what’s left to do and shuffle skills around to make sure the skills that increase my order limit go in first.

I was worried about how I would move goods that I wanted to sell but I figured for hauling and all that, I will try get alliance members to help me with some contracts. For now she’s going to work on orders only, as well as releasing cool alliance balance sheets and stuff, if I can make those work. Fun times lie ahead!

To finish, I think the appeal to create multiple characters in a game, especially one with so many specialisations like EVE, is the ability be able to be proficient in multiple specialisations. It’s like living your life in multiple parallel universes at once, and being conscious of them all. It eliminates the barrier of the limits of the human mind (crazy sidetrack: are there limits to the mind, or are the limits imposed by ourselves to retain some semblance of sanity?), allowing you -the player- to specialise in everything, and truly become what is practically impossible in real life: the master of all trades.

7 thoughts on “Jack of all trades, AND master of all!?”

    1. Also, your skill plan…

      I suggest pushing Social and Connections to the front so you can run hauling missions first, adding minimal industrial ship piloting skills, dropping Negotiation and Fast Talk, and deferring Marketing, Procurement and Trade V until you get Tycoon IV. Once you start creating a trade hub, you’ll quickly find that you need a lot of sell (and buy) orders to attain a critical mass, and you’ll definitely need the massive boost to open orders that tycoon provides.

    2. Modified my skill-plan accordingly; Tycoon pushes me pretty far over the 30-day limit. I’ll work towards it, but not sure how close I’ll get before I hit 30 days. I am hoping that with whatever level of skills I manage to reach, I can do some trading to build up my money fairly quickly (faster than trading on Rev, at any rate).

      Hauling is a tough decision. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to consider it in the short-term however you may be right in picking up minimal skills. I’ll look into it.

      And EVEMon says I need Cybernetics III to hit Advanced attribute implants.

      Wonderful link, by the way, clarifies exactly where the markets are in the region. I didn’t know Arnola moved so much ISK; I’ll have to look into that. O.o

    1. I think you might be right about hauling; I may have to consider less market skills and put more SP into a hauler to build up capital. Then the next PLEX I acquire can be aimed towards more trading skills.

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