The little things…

I’ve linked to one of Marlona Sky’s articles before in one of my own blog posts a while ago, but back then I didn’t even understand the post’s contents and I never really used it to supplement my post. I had it there, though, because with my limited knowledge about EVE and null-sec and capitals and jump drives/jump bridges at the time, it sounded significant. Okay, and maybe I was trying to get Marlona’s readers follow the pingback. But until now I didn’t fully understand it (and I haven’t gone and lived in null-sec proper so I still don’t). I was reading it in the context of fleets, which was not it at all. It was addressing issues far bigger and far worse than the idea that the FC with the bigger fleet wins fights, which by the way is something I find really interesting now as a newbie FC-in-self-training and I will certainly come back to it in a later post.

Anyway, what Sky was proposing with that Power Projection Pool idea months has either been considered by CCP, or Sky had been simply thinking along similar paths to their plans for null-sec. Essentially it was that PPP idea, albeit heavily modified with lots of little nuances, which was presented to the wider EVE community through Greyscale’s now infamous Long-Distance Travel dev blog and the accompanying feedback threadnaught.

I read the dev blog the day it came out, along with all news & announcement articles CCP deems worthy to feature on their launched. I read, and I researched, and what I saw was… good, I thought. I mildly liked what they proposed. Once again though this opinion was based on my non-existent knowledge of null-sec and its politics. I also knew that the community would probably cause a little ruckus. Never will I underestimate the community again.

405 official feedback thread pages and a whole heap of blog posts, tweets, other forum threads on the EVE-O forums or otherwise, news articles and explosive arguments on in-game chat channels and perhaps even on voice servers, and here we are. Throughout it all I’ve asserted my positive outlook on the changes a few times but for the most part kept quiet about it.

I try not to make uninformed statements. This subject I was definitely not knowledgeable in, and whilst I could wax on about my theoretical beliefs about how the changes will lead to greater strategical conflicts and a more dynamic null-sec, if even CCP admits that they cannot fully predict what will happen until the ship the changes to TQ, then I won’t even try to pretend I have an inkling of an idea.

So I decide, for my own sake, to try put down what I thought about the upcoming Phoebe patch on e-paper, so I can move on. It’s funny, actually. The blog is acting as a sort of Pensieve to me, allowing me to clear out the clutter in my head because I can eternally record it here (until internet terrorism becomes a thing *TINFOIL HAT EQUIPPED*), and I don’t have to worry about it. Especially useful because I spend too much time thinking about EVE Online things when I shouldn’t be.

Anyway, power projection. I have seen a PL hotdrop carriers on a battlecruiser before, and I’ve always asked why they bother. From my perspective as solo PvPer and fresh-faced FC, I’m asking myself why are they not being attacked elsewhere when their forces are obviously playing around in FW space.

Then there’s my few ventures into null-sec. All these empty systems with bubbles, contrasting with bottlenecks with little gate camps that can escalate indefinitely if the fleet you bring to roam around with is worthy of it, or simply if enough people in the coalition whose members were camping were on.

If I took a 20-30 man cruiser roam into null-sec, we would be seen as a morsel of food right now. What I imagine we will be after the introduction of jump limitations, though, is a thorn. Because having to dispatch a force to fight a 20-30 man cruiser roam, when you own half of god-damned null-sec space, without a total reorganisation of the way the coalitions work, is impossible. And a total reorganisation seems as likely as me being able to fly a Titan tomorrow on Tranquility, considering the general attitude towards the changes. From what I’ve seen and heard, I am assuming (the rest of this paragraph is personal speculation) most alliances are simply going to start caching ships at every place they can, and lots of them, then use industry ships with their fatigue reduction bonus to travel. Brute force. Inelegant. I’m not in the minds of the null-sec leaders, but if that’s their plan to counteract the changes that are coming, I don’t want to even set foot in null-sec. If all that exists out there is squirming into the cracks and gaps of CCP’s game design to try hold as much space as easily as possible, and once all has been exploited, sit around and farm ISK, then ask CCP for more content because they have reached the end-game, then I feel supremely privileged to say I have had no part in whatever they do out there.

For me, and for my alliance if they don’t mind me speaking for them, we are much more interested in the *relatively* smaller things. The unlimited skill queue, for one. A cool compass combined with an updated sensor overlay. The finalised notifications system. Changes to missions and expeditions. Not these jump changes, which when I brought up, someone simply responded with an uninterested “interesting”, then we got back to our roam. I laughed at that because as one of those EVE Online players who simply isn’t satisfied with the in-game itself, my forages into the forums, other news sources and blogs have led me to believe EVERYONE seems to care about these changes. Apparently not.

As my last few posts have indicated, EVE has bogged me down with other responsibilities and hardships… but also fun and awesome times. In the midst of all this debate and back-and-forth banter about the ‘nuclear bomb’ that would change EVE as we know it, I hope the future me reads this post and knows that he and his alliance wasn’t swept up by the cries of doomsayers and the hot-headed knee-jerk reactions of the general populace, but were instead happily, obliviously, building their own little empire, like a stone embedded in a rushing riverbed.

Sometimes, people get too caught up in the whole 1000-piece puzzle that they fail to enjoy the simple pleasure of finding two pieces that fit together.


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