The mysteries of high-sec: A post that was meant to be short.

Yesterday, a corporation our alliance went blue with asked us for some assistance. Details at the time were minimal but we gathered that, as an extension of the first few tendrils of trust (tendrils? Okay, many not so ominous), they wanted a few of us to come assist with logistics work. I, being the avid Logistics pilot in fleets (even when I’m FCing, much to the detriment of the fleet), put my hand up eagerly.

Today, we got to the requested system and were put into Augorors whilst we were being briefed on what was going on. Turns out their corp was helping out a high-sec alliance they were friends with. It involved shooting POCOs that had been put into reinforce, that belonged to other corporations they had wardecced, and who wanted additional logistics support for their POCO-popping because the attacked corporations could put up resistance.

Well, let me tell you, there was very little resistance. So we spent a few hours tagging along doing nothing except practicing establishing cap chains whilst the attacking corporation we were assisting (and our own crew) posted gifs in chat and told stories, generally trying to make the experience less than the absolute bore it could’ve been.

Around a dozen (I lost count after two) POCOs were flipped, with the most exciting part being when a criminal whom the FC was calling as friendly landed amongst our blob of ships and blapped the industrial carrying the POCOs to anchor. He died quickly, and as logistics we almost had no work to do.

We were paid for our work, which was nice, but all in all I doubt I will ever want to do more than one POCO at a time if I ever had to lead fleets to shoot them. Even with 15-16 or so in the fleet’s DPS department, the assortment of HACs, T3 Battlecruisers and Battleships still had to grind their way through. Once again, with no opposition, it was quite mind-numbing for me. Hell, I feel more sorry for my American friends; they were sticking around through their bedtimes even though it was obvious none of the attacked POCOs were put up by corporations that could defend against such a force.

An Oracle shooting one of the POCOs, with our logistics’ cap chain links in the background. PRETTY GREEN LAZORZ!

As profitable as those high-sec POCOs could be, unfortunately, this was an experience that made me go “meh” at the prospects of high-sec, and yearn for the more… visceral… life in low-sec.

However, it’s true that our alliance’s temporary HQ is in high-sec at the moment currently. Temporary, though. I think that we may be ready to move into low-sec, which was always our initial goal as a pirate corp. (Oh shit, was this the first time I gave away the intentions of the new alliance!?)

I could name a few issues with the move that we will run into, but in all honesty the best way to get rid of those is to go into low-sec NOW, and figure out how living in it differs from high-sec, before our pilots get enough SP to be flying around in expensive PvE ships and running the lucrative 6/10 combat sites/Level 5 missions out there.

So I’m going to start pushing for the move, start getting a little more comfortable in the local low-sec. Once we hold a few systems, we’ll see exactly just how profitable we can make the systems. And then… well, the region is our oyster, I suppose. Personally, I’m looking forward to the strategical and economical implications of retaining and growing the territory we own. I’ve got some pretty ambitious plans for a low-sec market hub, inspired in part after talking to Sugar Kyle about her “Cougar Store“, as well as my own ideas. I really liked what SK has done with her endeavour, and I wonder if I can make something like that work as well, with a little patience and dedication. Perhaps it will cascade into failure due to the different demographic and geographic locations, but with some research, it should be a fun project. At the very least, I’ll be supplying the alliance, which should grow much faster with a local ‘convenience store’, so to speak, from which to purchase supplies from.

In the meantime, I’m starting to enjoy the power you kind of possess when you’re a little important in running things. I just wish I was better at the small talk. On comms I generally have things to say but other times I’m just much too quiet, answering with single words and even indistinct ‘mmmm’s. One of the weaknesses of my youth, I think. Many mistake me for being much older than I am when they hear me on comms, but I am willing to bet that after a few more meetings and chats, there are gaps in that facade. But where as other late teenagers often employ a defensive and/or aggressive stance to defend these social inadequacies, I tend to the more reserved side, and when I am unsure of myself I either don’t say anything and my brain locks up, or I just start stuttering out randomness. It’s frustrating, because when I am FCing my thoughts are generally well-formulated, and I keep up a flow of conversation as the fleet is moving. But when subjects turn to things outside the game, the older adults generally show much more confidence and knowledge about the world and connect with each other so much easier, and it just feels like I’m out of my depth (I’m feeling this a lot these days). But it’s not a bad thing; I suppose.

Another cool screenshot from the POCO bashing. Definitely one way to entertain yourself during such sessions.

To end the post that was meant to end a lot of paragraphs ago, I met an awesome guy today on EVE. Russian, with the accent, and as blunt as they come. He is straightforward and no-nonsense, basically. If there is something wrong happening in a fleet, I try to ease members into it. But this is not how this individual deals with matters. He goes all in, explains what is wrong, and rights it immediately. This is the kind of guy I want by my side. I don’t want people thanking me after I end my fleets even though we were savaged by other fleets. I want someone who is unafraid to tell it to my face what I did wrong as FC. This is one of those people. He literally told me, when I was talking to him about my ideas for the alliance, that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was so surprised I burst out laughing, and happily agreed (later the alliance leader told me to stick up for myself a bit more :P).

But that is exactly what I needed. Someone to ground me from my high-flying ambitions, deliver a short, sharp speech about what needed to be done, and send us off. He did that, this Russian, in rough English (which made it even more motivational). He got me fired up for the potential of our alliance as easily as I had gotten myself excited over the prestige of being the best solo PvPer in EVE Online.


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