Is this the real life…?

So last night I dreamed my first ever EVE Online dream.

The details are fuzzy but I think there was PvP involving a Megathron, and for some reason I was killing it, and I felt intent on killing it alone, and this wasn’t just solo PvP kind of intent. It was a burning desire to be the only one on the killmail, unexplainable really.

Of course, my dreams always thwart my desires, and at the last moment someone comes and whores on the killmail. I woke with a feeling of inexplicable sorrow mixed with disappointment and anger.

I think I should avoid playing EVE into the ungodly hours of the morning.

On a side note, my blog is now up on Eve Bloggers! If you’re a new and aspiring Eve Blogger like I, use this site to your advantage, and tap into the avid readers that check the feed over there.

Also, the killstreak I had is over. Was great while it lasted. FCed a roam today and died three times in a row.

The first was as a Burst trying to get a good fight for the fleet. I figured we should sit outside an FW complex rather than inside, and hopefully the first few people to warp on grid would decide to land somewhere at 0 and we could pick off a few. Instead a Garmur lands at 50kms, and I knew one of us was going to die. I called for the fleet to take the acceleration gate though, and indecisively a few seconds later called that off, a bit too late. Most were already in. I, on the other hand, stayed outside, figuring that if anyone did get caught I could keep them alive until our fleet could warp out and back. I didn’t account for the possibility that I would be the one to get caught though. One point (pun intended) to not logibro-ing whilst FCing.

Next, my Breacher as I was returning. This was entirely my fault, and it hurts to admit it. On my way back, I noticed a Tristan named something to do with kiting, and I decided it could be a ruse and it’s actually a brawling Tristan. Besides, I had dishonored myself getting headshotted by a Garmur and his pals, so I figured I could try return to my fleet (being commanded by allocated SiC at the time) with head held high and a bloody killmail under my belt.

Turns out the pilot wasn’t as deceptive as I thought and it did kite my AB Breacher quite easily. I made it to 20kms trying to slingshot myself away but he was a little too nimble and my AB simple wasn’t powerful enough. Then when the Comet came in it was over. Funny thing is I’ve fought these two before (and with them; they were friends in FW) and they double-teamed me that time as well. Not sure if they’re alts of one person but wow, talk about not learning from my mistakes. The worse thing about this death, though, was that as soon as I was pointed, one of the guys on comms said: “Yeah, lets wait it out, I’ll feel more confident with Rev here.”

It tore my heart to pieces when I had to deliver the bad news.

And finally, a Tristan. I was baiting for kills for the last few members of the fleet (after I had to go reship AGAIN) after the rest of the U.S. guys had to retire for sleep. We managed to grab a Firetail, but the Merlin we found later volleyed straight through my reps. So intent was I on acquiring point I turned on the repper and orbit way too late. His triple mag stab VOID neutron blaster volleys tore through my small ancillary armour repair and I went down, but ended up dealing top damage (by 1 damage point) to it.

All in all, an interesting day.

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