Excitement power level: over 9000.

I watched a video by Scott Manley a long while ago, way before I started EVE, because I like every other newbie wanted to know: how could I get myself a Titan?

Needless to say, the video crushed my dreams at the time, but as I learned more about New Eden the less I realised I wanted to fly a Titan anyway.

But then Sugar Kyle posts in her chat channel a link to a fresh blog post of hers and…

Years of repressed desire springs forth like an Avatar leaping through a jump portal.

I’m patching Singularity as I speak, and I’ve sent out mails to every friend I can possibly think of in EVE that would be interested in this.

I thought it’d be YEARS before I’d fly a Titan properly. Hell, I had resolved to max out sub-capital skills before even considering dreadnoughts or carriers. The prospect of flying one of these Titans was but a passing wisp of cloud on a clear, sunlit day. A dream that flitted around the edges of my imaginations whilst reality kept me grounded in the now and the short-term training plans.

But soon, I will have my chance to experience EVE’s end-game, manifested in ~US$4,000 of spaceship.


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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