I was selected as a short-form speaker for Eve Down Under.

I actually applied for long-form, because it’d mean I got my ticket free. It wasn’t that I was just doing it for the free ticket, though; I reckon even 9 months into EVE (almost at 15m SP!!!!), I could fill 40 minutes with an interesting spiel about what I’ve done.

So Bam Stroker contacted me a few days ago and I was a little confused because we had never really spoke except for at one Melbourne meetup and that was pretty brief, then it dawned on me: he was contacting me about the speech.

I braced myself and was 100% prepared for the unfortunate apology and how there was simply too many other good applicants, and I would nod and accept my fate and attend EDU and enjoy it as a fellow attendee and try to go for the PvP tourney, and have some fun around Sydney while I’m there, and that would be that.

But Bam, in his grace and wisdom, decided to throw me into a short-form slot instead. So some time during the Saturday of EDU, I’ll be speaking to fellow EVElings about an interesting thing or two about my EVE career so far.

I’ve got to say, all I feel is relief. I’ll admit here I haven’t actually spoken in front of a crowd for 45 minutes before, and I even offered my new short-form place to someone else if necessary. But apparently I’m good to go for the short-form speech, received a confirmation mail today requiring me to get my speech and all that good stuff in some time before the actual event.

Cool beans. My school teachers used to tell me I was good at speaking. But they never had me speak in front of fellow adults on a topic that many take more seriously than anything I talked about in school.

We’ll see, then, how this turns out. If it’s good, good. If it sucks I’ll make sure it’s uploaded to YouTube anyway. Humility is the first step to improvement, right?

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