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I could recount my day-to-day activities on EVE and/or life and have a new post or two every day, but I’m too inconsistent for that and I’ll probably start letting people down eventually. So casting about for more projects that I can put up here, I combine my interests in writing with my absolute adoration for the lore and backstory of EVE Online, and now I want to create backstories for both my characters.

This’ll probably be an ongoing thing; start off with my initial plans for backstory, write a few things out, then rearrange, chop ‘n’ change, until the final product satisfies me. I’ve always wanted to create vibrant characters with depth, and as always, CCP’s New Eden comes to the rescue, providing an entertaining way to do it with their world already created for me.

A snippet of some of the chronicles of EVE Online and DUST 514’s universe, New Eden.

Firstly, EVE Online and DUST provide a solid foundation upon which you can create backstory for your characters. Unlike other games where the existence of your character is explained for you through the lore of the game, or their story is defined in the initial quests you must undertake, in EVE and DUST your character’s conscience is immortal, either through transference to clones that sit in pods and pilot ships with their minds, or into clone soldier bodies capable of wielding weapons of mass destruction with the aid of full-body dropsuits that enhance your physical properties.

And that’s that. So the big question, “who was I before I became immortal?”, is left open to the players’ interpretations, something I get extremely excited about.

It’s even more fun when you play as your immortal soldier/capsuleer, defining yourself on the battlefield or up in the infinite void as someone, and then taking your actions to create a template for your character’s life, before becoming immortal. That’s the other implied lore tidbit, you see. Your characters were not always immortal, nor did some magical being force upon them regardless of their initial path in life to become so. So “why did we choose to be so?” becomes another question to ask.

Here I take a moment to realise how hard it must be on authors to create characters from scratch, and you know what? They probably don’t. They are taking past experiences, past knowledge, past friendships and rivalries, loves and hates, and taking from the laboratory of their lives’ memories concoctions. The best authors create mixtures that are utterly untraceable to the original writer; I on the other hand simply create characters to be ‘the hero I want to be’. Oh well, I have to start somewhere.

So, I’ll start with my DUST character as I’ve already posted some in-character posts with him. (here’s one)

Vyzion Eyri. Here is my first, unedited stream of thought as to who he is:

Before clone soldier:
Journalist/thrill-seeker exploring New Eden
Found himself aboard a exploration capsuleer’s Imicus as a medic, learned basic medical skills for tending to minor injuries crew incurred during travel.
After an unfortunate incident, this capsuleer lost his ship and Vyz finds himself in an escape pod with nearly no fuel, cannot return to predetermined system, is sent to closest station in Heimatar.
Abandoned, Vyzion can only steal to stay alive. He bands with other poverty-striken Matari as a thief.
One day he steals from the wrong person, gets caught and trialed. His punishment is extremely severe, but the day before his execution, a Valklear recruiter that had been watching him for some time steps in and gives him a choice: valklear or die.

Vyz makes it through training on the brink of death, surviving through the bullying due to his smaller frame with the solace of reading, and a few friends.

Some say you tell past Valklears from the average soldier by looking for the resolve in their eyes. Vyzion did not develop such hardened resolve, but rather the training nurtured his natural curiousity, bringing a softer, more inquisitive light to his eyes. He worked, also to the derision of fellow Valklears, a medic for the force, enhancing his knowledge of medicine, and logistical warfare.

His Valklear tour of duty found him in a situation where death was almost certain, but him and his squad escaped thanks to a makeshift rig designed by their field engineer to revive a downed dropship, and vyzion piloted them out with knowledge gleaned from a book he had read. In the air, however, another hostile dropship caught them as vyzion could barely keep his bird afloat, and strafed their flank with gunfire. Vyzion’s squad gunnery sergeant managed to blow up the other dropship, but the damage was done: vyz’s chest was riddled with bullet holes. after landing in a deserted land, vyzion patched himself up as his squad called for extraction.

upon returning to hq, vyzion’s life was nearly over. the recruiter returns then, like a guardian angel, and again snatches vyz from the brink of death. he is reborn a clone soldier.

An absolute mess. I agree. I could tidy it up, but the document I have it saved on will be edited and recreated over and over; I don’t wish to save a copy each time I build upon the previous edition as the ensuing chaos won’t be worth it. Rather, the progress I make on the backstory will be tracked with this lovely blog, hopefully embellished with the reasons for changes if I remember to add them in.

Have a friend who is a loremaster that I could chat to? Wouldn’t mind having a helping hand with making sure what I write does fit in to the lore properly, as well as add depth. For example, is it plausible for my character to be a medic aboard a capsuleer ship? What corporations could I be working for as a journalist? All questions I will try to answer myself with my time and resources, but of course assistance is definitely welcome.




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