Crawling before I walk

The elation of my first video post and the 1bill ISK earned from OMC has died down now and I’ve been reduced to humble reflection mode. Aside from the issues I’m facing with the corporation slowing down (I’m seriously considering getting directly involved in a leadership role now, fingers crossed that I won’t be a total failure), I’ve come to realise that just because I have ISK doesn’t mean I should spend it.

When fortune smiles on me, why is it that I can forget so quickly the trials and tribulations before I am graced by such luck?

Two Vexor Navy Issues have burned already. I am not going to throw the rest of my ISK away so lightly.  I need to reconsider my goal in lieu of my progress report, and refocus.

-screws eyes up in concentration-

-thinks hard-

-opens eyes-



I think it's important to note at this moment that as readers, do not be surprised if I say the same things in multiple posts. My memory is not great at the best of times.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I believe every kind of combat in EVE Online is simply a slower version of frigate warfare.

By this assumption, it is easy to see what I must do. Master frigate warfare, and I will have mastered PvP. Simple… right?

Well, not really. When can I truly tell myself “I have mastered frigate warfare.”? When I get 1000 kills and have only died 200 times? When my enemies fear my name in local? When I accumulate too high of a bounty? When I run out of ISK? Mastering a profession in EVE, I think, is more complex than that. But that’s a question which I will save an answer for a much later time. A journey of a thousand jumps begins with a single warp, am I right?

Training plan is first up. This will involve lots of small weaponry, core skills, and Spaceship Command involving frigates and their relevant T2 skills. If I am going to do this frigate thing I want to be able to fly every frigate well. Attribute-wise, my initial remap that I thought I failed has turned out to be beneficial in this case. All is well there.

As for maintaining a lifestyle that can maximise encountering reasonable fights and keep the ISK flowing to fund it, the answer is obviously Faction Warfare. However, we discussed this (we being me and the only other guy left in alliance with some influence and is active) and agreed that since we do have a lot of members who love their industry, dragging the alliance into FW would not be wise. A nice example of the relationships we create in EVE changing the paths we walk in the game. For good or for bad, I will not say. Not because I don’t want to but because I genuinely don’t know. FW seems perfect for me, but who knows what juicy adventures lie in store for us outside of it? Furthermore, whilst we could create a sister corporation that we can put in FW, I don’t like that kind of segmentation. Especially not in the frail position we’re in now.

So… Plan B?



-brow furrows… then clears to an evil grin-




I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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