Progress Report – August 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)


Notable things to remember this month includes my participation in Theomachy 2014, earning what I’ll call the participation award for the OMC contest and releasing an EVE video! Oh, and I’ve paid for a ticket to Eve Down Under. Can’t wait to meet my fellow pilots in real life. 😛

Anyway, onto the report. Structure-wise I’m going to shorten these things, just to capture the essence of the month.


Well, 1 billion ISK injected into my wallet from OMC and the recent training of Heavy Drones V will explain the recent loss of a few Vexor Navy Issues. I couldn’t help myself; for some reason price dipped and the hulls were going for 50m a pop. Grabbed a whole bunch, now I’m throwing them away. Overall for this month ISK income is pretty solid. I will never forget it, Mizhir, Aldap and friends!


Throwing Vexor Navy Issues at things I can’t fight. Making videos out of my failed fights. A fight I want to focus on for this month is me dying in a 1v1 to a Scythe Fleet Issue. I had an… unconventional… fit, that I believed would beat any other cruiser in a 1v1. I was wrong. A standard dual-armour-repped Scythe FI took me out without much strain, if his remaining armour was anything to go by. Engaged each other head on, and in the beginning he went for my drones. This causes me grief, too much grief, and my attention dropped to managing the drones without watching what I was targeting. Turns out I was sending my drones to inactive drones on the field 40kms away. /facepalm.

Lesson learnt this month: The overview is crucial but if you are not the master of your overview, it will just make your life harder.


Debates have turned to where to take the corporation next. Leadership is still sorely missed, but there seems to be an issue with deciding on an objective. The big DUST corporations have moved to another alliance due to inactivity from our core members. Issue: supporting DUST players was a crucial part of our alliance. Losing it means we’re floating around without aim. I have lots of ideas but of course, I am not going to push people into things they don’t want to do. So discussions and diplomacy imminent.


-PvPing outside of FW, basically doing solo piracy.

-Money from OMC being spent fast.

-Made a video for EVE.

-Considering taking up leadership position in corporation.


//End Progress Report




I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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