A taste of “CEO Online”: To be a King

Exploded in a Comet today to a Tormentor piloted by a fellow pilot in the BSB channel. Was quite a close fight and in the end I ran out of capacitor to sustain my repairer just as his buffer tank depleted into structure.

The fight fell into his advantage with an overheated afterburner and scrambler, meaning he pulled range from my deadly blasters quite quickly, and I took too long to switch to Null (longer range) ammunition as I realised much too late. In a situation like that, with my dual webs, it is important to understand the effect you have on the enemy by deactivating those webs. You catapult them. If I snare an enemy with my webs and they’re burning furiously away, but still applying decent damage, I have the option of letting them go, and perhaps keeping my ship intact. So for next time, when in a similar scenario:

1) Align to a warpable object
2) disable webs
3) cross your fingers and hope they lose point.

After a fight usually I relax, play another game. So I did, and I broke through to Gold in League of Legends. šŸ˜€

But then I was requested to hop back onto EVE. -cue mysterious music-

Turns out the corporation I’m in hasn’t been very active lately.
Turns out leadership has been absent for weeks.

I’ve mostly been occupied with getting myself to focus on study for this semester whilst also satisfying my craving for EVE PvP and games in general. As such my contribution has been minimal; a weekly roam/fun tournament on Singularity, with some homemade PvP lessons planned too (although these I am not confident about so I keep delaying).

Anyway, our corporation started the alliance we’re currently in. And in a previous post I detailed some leadership shifts. I mentioned me picking up the reins, etc. Basically I made it appear in this blog as if I doused the fires and fixed everything. In reality, nothing of the sort happened. People needed decisions to be made and I made them, and since no one else could be bothered, they followed.

Anyway, the alliance consists of joint EVE-DUST corporations. Now both sides of our corporation are dead. The other corps in alliance see this. They see a dead leadership, and they want out. I understood, and when one of our closest -and I mean we considered them our sister corporation- corporation’s CEO approached me asking if I’d seen a director, I decided to once again dip my feet into Diplomacy Online and see what was up, since no directors were on.

It’s interesting how the webs of relationships can ensnare us. As I spoke to this CEO detailing his concerns with the leadership, the way he approached the matter with such sensitivity and caution, made me feel like a brute.

Who was I to think I could lead, making rash decisions and acting on the spur of the moment? Here was a leader, albeit with his own unique style, and he wanted to say a few words. “I want to leave the alliance, it’s holding us back”. But he spins it, you see. Dampens the blow. Holds back the punches. I feel like a young, green coconut just fallen from its tree at this point.

I like to think I possess a little empathy, though. And I certainly did feel where this CEO was coming from as we discussed a plan of action. He had relationships to uphold with those his followers interacted with. He had to be able to make explanations for his actions to his followers. He had to remain ‘clean’, strong, unblemished. A flippant “oh, we’ll just leave now” isn’t good enough for a good leader.

I’m not a good leader. šŸ˜› My objective was never to be one, but it is intriguing. It is definitely intriguing. Just like every other career in New Eden, to be fair. I would not mind being a leader, to be sure. I feel I am more of an advisor, though. One that can speak strongly for but also against their leader. Loyal but with a streak of independence. Yes… that appeals to me more than being the actual king.


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