A light breeze is always refreshing.

So my previous post was a little downcast. A little soul-searching. But the weekend is here, and though the amount of work I should’ve done but haven’t grows still, I cannot help but feel a little cheery. Friends are good at doing that to you. When asked to go out, I generally do not feel inclined to leave my computer and roam the city at night, but once I am out the crisp winter air and the bubbly conversation a group of friends can concoct really calms me down.

Perhaps that’s not a good thing for my coursework. -shrug-

EVE Online probably isn’t either. But whilst some days I may question whether I game too much, a day like today I embrace it. On to what I did in EVE Online today!

So I decided today is a good day to spend some of that ISK that the OMC contest generously reserved for a newbie such as I, and I went ahead and lost an Incursus, a Comet, a shield-tanked Vexor and my +4 implanted clone today.

The Incursus and clone was to an insta-locking Pandemic Legion gate camp, nothing significant about that. I did make myself feel better, though, by telling myself that I am in the fortunate position of not being in what seems to be a massive but stagnant null-sec empire that has to relieve it’s boredom by terrorizing capsuleers in low-sec. Don’t know how much of that is truth but the sting of my lost implants faded slightly.

My shield-tanked Vexor I had in the hangar for a few months now, and I decided it was time to take it out for another spin. The fit is only 18m on death (had drones out), and I managed to pick off an Atron from a massive gang of frigates (including a Griffin… grr) carrying enough loot to make it worth 14m, almost covering my cruiser.

Atron kill. Click for full-size.
Vexor loss. Click for full-size.







Then finally I lost a Comet to another Comet. From my combat logs it appears he was doing double my damage. I had a single damage rig and a Magnetic Stabilizer, so I can only guess that he was fully DPS fit. If that is the case then I could have killed him HAD I ACTIVATED MY small ancillary armour repairer sooner. I died with 6 nanite charges left, meaning 75% of my tank was unused in the fight because I underestimated how much damage he could put out.

So I definitely lost more than I destroyed today, but I haven’t PvPed with such reckless abandon for a while (after I lost the training clone I went ahead and bought more implants with the LP from my FW days and kept PvPing in that), and I have remembered just how intoxicating the rush is when you’re shooting someone else. 😛

Good times. A little thank-you to the Bringing Solo Back channel for always accepting my kill and lossmails without question. It’s definitely less frustrating with some guys out there who can appreciate the fights I find, and share their own poorly timed local repair deaths.


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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