Learning to run with a little help.

My first post on this blog ended with “… I needed another push.”

I intentionally did not follow up directly on it because that motivation was to be my experience in EVE. That push was going to be everything New Eden had to offer at its most majestic and mysterious.

Unfortunately, as some of those later posts describe, it was not such smooth sailing.

So instead I shall home in on a specific area of EVE that I’ve discovered to always give without asking for anything in return. Interestingly, this is not what CCP has created, but facilitated. That is, the player-run events. This is the spring of generosity and camaraderie amidst the darkness of the EVE-O forums and the loneliness of the void. Find them, actively seek participation in them, and you will never, never lose sight of what it means to be a capsuleer in EVE Online, because these events showcase exactly what the community is made of. Theomachy and The Angel Project were two recent ones. However, back in May 2014, I entered a few videos of fights I had very early on in my EVE lifetime to a competition known as One Man Crew. Despite not expecting much from my entries, I was in the fortunate position of being able to actually make some entries, so I went ahead and did so.

The winners were announced a handful of hours ago, and somewhere in that thread’s original post I disbelievingly spotted this:

I have received 1 bil ISK from Leeloo Killik who wanted me to give it to a person who despite being new and inexperience in solo pvp still did a great attempt. I have picked Revileushin Eyri for this reward

I’ll admit it took me a ridiculously long time to wipe the grin off my face despite that fact that some people make one billion ISK a day, if not less. I also spilled a bit of my coffee.

My head is already reeling with the possibilities, hence I have rushed to make this post before my fantastical imagination takes me to realms of no return, and give thanks where they are due.

Thank you Mizhir and (the original) Aldap, for starting such a glorious event.

Thank you to all those who assisted them, from those who donated prizes (especially you Leeloo Killik) to the judges of the entries.

Thank you to the other contestants for entering; I cannot wait to see what fights you guys got into to earn you those awards.

And a final thank you(!) to everyone out there who has fought me, killed me, and will fight and kill me (again). Despite crushing my ship every time, I daresay you have only strengthened my spirit.

And a thank you after the final thank you to everyone I’ve met in EVE. No matter what happens to me, whether I become a bittervet or I quit the game entirely some time in the future, you guys have made it possible to get to this point.

Almost time for take-off.

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