Results of Theomachy

It was short-lived unfortunately. I believe I was one of the first 70 pilots to die by rough estimation, out of the 250ish that showed up.

Original post on Theomachy.

I was hoping to last longer, and my death was due to a simple mistake that I will probably not get over at all. I was expecting myself to die getting caught in a bubble I didn’t see or find myself in a fight against a gang, but instead I died having escaped a gang in a pod, landed free from any bubbles, noticed a single enemy on grid and ignored him.

I paid for it with my life, and was eliminated very early on. 10 minutes before, in fact, cruisers were dropped into system by the overseers. Cruisers which I was trying to hold out for, appear as soon as I die.


Regretful indeed, but I will strive to get better. My death was not the cause of SP inadequacy, that’s for sure. The ship fits and such provided by the organisers (mainly T1) also nullified much SP advantage my opponents would’ve had. It was a mistake I could’ve avoided through caution and less rashness, and I intend to correct it through more experience.

Meanwhile, 18 and a half days until Heavy Drone Operation V finishes.

On the other hand, I managed to eliminate two contestants and kill a frigate with a destroyer I found before I died! Not totally unsuccessful after all. I think for next time I may need a partner.

I wonder if anyone would pay for training for Theomachy? Hmmm… hope they do another one.


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