Re: My Ship – Abiding by CODE. and Misconduct

Podded again.

Training clone, again.

Medical clone, updated, again.

ISK wasted… again. This one hurts.

When I go on writing binges it is difficult to stop.

Click to see full killmail.
Click to see full killmail.

So CODE picked me off auto-piloting in a pod to Jita in high-sec the other day. It would’ve been done and dusted and I would have moved on begrudgingly if not for one thing. Mr. Wreckful sent me a mail afterwards, I assumed immediately to gloat. I open it up and it was simply a link titled “Re. Your Ship”. I checked the link and it was a soundcloud file. I frowned. What could he possibly do with soundc- Ahh. He must’ve gone through the effort of recording my pod exploded to send it to me. It sounded like a CODE. thing to do, and I was not going to give him the pleasure of listening to it, but it did stir up a response, something I am equally disgusted and pleased with myself for.

Disgusted because I fell for the bait. It turns out, since I let curiosity get the better of me and decided to listen to it, it wasn’t a recording of a ship exploding. It was this. CODE. propaganda. For those who can’t be bothered, here’s a transcript:

Hey there. My name is Jaxi Wreckful, and if you’re listening to this you’re probably wondering:

“Jaxi, why did you relieve me of my ship?”

Well, my friend, the answer to that question is quite simple. You were found to be in non-compliance with regards to the New Halima Code of Conduct, thus resulting in the removal of your ship and based on the offense, perhaps even your pod.

“Well Jaxi, that makes sense but gee, where can I find more information about becoming compliant?”

Again, too easy.

Once you’re ready to join the team, just reach out to your local CODE. enforcer, and they can get you squared away with obtaining an official New Order permit. Once you have your permit, be sure to wear it proud friend, because you’ve just become part of the movement that is going to reshape high-security space, forever.

Myself and the rest of the New Order have single-handedly taken on the entire burden of the war on high-sec, and we will continue doing our part in the fight against bot aspirancy. But now citizen, the question is, will you?

Couldn’t help myself; I did laugh despite the situation. Ragebait it may have been for someone who was a victim simply because he was AFK rather than bot-aspiring (although this may be one and the same to CODE.), the elevator music and measured tones had me giggling.

My response was equally formal and, in the words of my assaulter, ‘self control[led]’ and ‘admirable’.

His further response was what I was pleased about, and I smiled evilly at that too and forgave him then, for it appears he has neglected engaging in acrostic writing for some time.

Words have such power.


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