The Angel Project – Free WINGS!

So, I watched someone eat 200 chicken wings whilst answering questions the other day, on a whim.

And interestingly enough, a few days later I stumble upon The Angel Project, an endeavor begun by a single person: Sindel Pellion. Truly a showcasing of what people can do in EVE Online if they have the motivation and inspiration.

Basically, this is the second year of this project, one which grants all newbies (characters who are over a month and under a year old) as of the start date of the Project (July 27th), the chance to enter for awesome prizes. Full details on the prizes can be found here, but ships are being given away, hence the faint connection I drew between the chicken wings and the spaceships (as ‘wings’). Admittedly perhaps only someone as strange as I would’ve noticed it.

So anyway, I was awestruck when I heard about it, and moved enough to record my discovery eternally in this blog which charts my journey as a solo PvPer. Another testament to the fact that it is impossible and absolutely not recommended to experience New Eden alone, even with such objectives as mine. The opportunities are as uncountable as the stars that pierce the void, and the Angel Project is but one of them, albeit one of the more brightly sparkling ones.

And I’m entering too. ^_^ What with Theomachy coming up and now my entrance into the Angel Project, I think I can almost understand the strength behind the community of this game. Almost. A few more years will have to go by, I think, and a few dozen more friendships will have to be forged before I can grasp everything New Eden has to offer at any one time.


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