Fighting the same fight

When EVE Online starts to slow down for you, look at it through the eyes of another. Today, for me, it was through Eric Shang, newbie pirate. Mr. Shang probably started two months before me so we are almost exactly the same in age, not to mention our goals of becoming great PvPers. I briefly glanced at a few of his posts, and I didn’t see specifically that he was wanted to be the best at solo PvP specifically. I guess he and I differ there. 😛

I also made a few more comparisons, because it is incredible how much CCP has managed to facilitate their dream of a sandbox such that two people who have started EVE at similar times with similar goals could undertake such different journeys. Were EVE Online to be another MMORPG, me and Eric would have chosen a class and would’ve probably grinded on the same mobs, ran the same dungeons and used the same items, perhaps even joined the same guild or clan that shared our aims. The story could not have been any more different here.

He chose to be a pirate to learn how to PvP. A very sound choice given the popularity of the sport, and one I was definitely considering had I not an obligation to my DUST corporation to keep my security status high so I could assist with Orbital Bombardment fleets. The fact that this difference existed shows already a connection, however tenuous, from EVE to DUST, however non-existent I may have thought it to be from the DUST perspective.

Anyway, so we separated. He embarked upon a journey learning PvP with a community he directly affiliated with: his pirate corporation. After a few months I did the same, except with a FW corporation. My prime motivator at this point, something that arose after dying over and over, was acquiring ISK to fuel my solo PvP. FW let me get ISK, and I threw most of it into solo PvP. Eric appeared to be strongly entrenched in small/medium-sized gang warfare from the get-go, nothing abnormal considering pirates in general. I myself have, upon leaving FW, taken upon the role of FCing small fleet roams myself. Our paths re-align in this aspect.

The communities we align ourselves with differ. PvP, we want. He had his pirate corporation and their connections. I, interested in solo PvP specifically, went searching for channels like Bringing Solo Back, and One Man Crew.

Then the difficulties. Having read his post on “The Death of My Solo Career“, it is evident that New Eden has thrown the same questions in our heads. Questions of SP, experience, resources (namely ISK). We have answered them in our own ways, based on where we have gone, and who we have aligned ourselves with.

So I don’t know exactly why I just did a rough side-by-side like that. I read some of his blog posts and just felt inclined to see how we had experienced EVE differently. He definitely sells piracy though. I am almost, almost tempted to throw caution to the winds and drag my corporation into low-sec. Perhaps FW, then. And if I do so then our paths diverge again, probably only to intertwine later in the future.

The drumming of my fingers against the keyboard is a really soothing noise. My thumb is sore. EVE Online is a curious beast. It makes me think about it too much. I’m addicted to games. Games games games. Sigh.



2 thoughts on “Fighting the same fight”

  1. Thanks for mention.

    Solo pvp in its own sounds like its easy to do and in a way it is. You fly about with only yourself and engage what you hope is another solo pilot and if you get the kill and win its a solo victory.

    The problem that you find is that every pilot trying to be the best at solo pvp is failing at it because the pro solo artists have learned something which takes time. I have only recently learned this myself.

    A solo pilot finds what he/she is good at and masters that thing. If it is brawling with a 400mm plate then you know after 40 loss mails what you can beat and what you cannot with the fit you flying. It means you only engage the winning fights, anything else you warp out.

    It takes time to learn these things and a lot of pilots change their mind all the time. This fit is poor because I lost to that ship I need to change.

    Its not poor its just that you should not engage that ship type fitted in that manner again. Some of the best Solo guys fly the same ship every time out. No change. They know exactly what they can beat and what they can not beat.

    I am having fun just flying with friends at the moment. One thing that I can say about my corp mates are that they are like friends to me. I do want to be the best I can be and if that turns out to be the best solo pilot one day then I would say thats cool with me. If I don’t achieve that and get into the top 10k I have achieved one of my long term goals.

    Great solo pilots are very much solo minded. I find I have days like that and then I get 5 solos in 1 day. other days I am not in that mind set and die 5 times trying to achieve a solo kill.

    Keep up the solo work mate and for god sake get out of High Sec. No top 100 pilot that I know fly in high sec.

    Low sec is where the pro pilots live. If you want to be pro solo pilot then live with the best and fight them. Learn from them and then go out to kill them.

    Fly safe and dangerous.
    Eric Sang

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