Progress Report – July 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)


This time I won’t analyse the killboard, there isn’t much to analyse this month. Upon leaving my FW corporation, my PvP activity has accordingly dropped severely. I am not complaining though; There are other things that I am doing now that I probably would’ve never bothered to do in FW because I had been making so much ISK off the LP, and having so much fun PvPing. Returning to the world where I can warp around high-sec in relative safety again, though, hasn’t been all that bad. However in terms of achieving my ultimate objective, solo PvP has been lacking severely.


Earning ISK outside of FW isn’t great. I am still relying on my stockpile of Tribal Liberation Force LP to sustain me for a bit longer. This is one of the main reasons I’ve stopped PvPing so frequently: my wallet doesn’t have the stream of LP coming in to sustain it anymore. The options a new pilot is left with in high-sec to earn decent amounts of ISK without joining FW is a dull grind through the various forms of PvE, from belt ratting to incursions, peaking at some lucky high-sec combat sites and their escalations yielding lucrative loot. The risk to a newbie in low-sec is not worth the potential greater returns, however. Even in high-sec the necessary skills required to pilot a ship that can earn ISK equivalent to that which you can make in FW is so much greater than the basic frigate and cruiser skills one needs to grind out FW complexes.

Of course, there is also the non-combat paths. Granted a trader with a good eye and big cargo bays could haul in decent profits, and I’ve envisaged myself doing so multiple times. A manufacturer sourcing raw materials at good prices can too. That path is one of social connections and networking to acquire the best prices, and whilst undoubtedly lots of fun, I dare not consider deviating so much from my current skill plans, and my objective.


As mentioned previously PvP activity has dropped since June. What PvP I have undertaken has changed. I am now a self-proclaimed newbie FC, currently training Leadership skills. Who would’ve guessed; I myself forecast the earliest possible time for me to start training leadership would be in a year. It’s interesting, because I left the corporation I was initially in to train myself in PvP, because all the other guys seemed to have so much more SP than me. The biggest issue though, was the ISK. Prior to joining FW I was probably the corp beggar, and that was not the way I wanted to go to acquire money.

So three months later (almost exactly), after the leadership… issue, I leave my FW corp and return to an alliance full of guys who had similar amounts of SP to me invested in combat skills, and much less knowledge of it. As of now, I’ve moved on from simply creating a channel, acquired roles to distribute alliance-wide mails, have been organising weekly roams, setting up fleet fittings, and leading these roams.

It is no wonder fleet commanding is one of the more revered specialisations in the game. It takes courage and a certain unique strength to be able to lead a group of gamers on a roam, with all of them entrusting their allocated times for their entertainment to you, and to deliver. I certainly have not the natural talent but I will damn well make sure I develop something. As an opportunity that has landed within arm’s reach, I ain’t going to let it float away. It will be interesting, then, to see whether I let this power get to me, whether I will in the end become used to the idea of leadership, and become reluctant to give it up if our old leadership ever returns.


-Left Faction Warfare, returned to previous corporation.

-Am now one of the more active organisers for the alliance’s development and pilot training (in PvP)

-Worried about my potential development into a power-hungry dictator

-Diverging greatly from literal solo PvP, but still believes can learn more about solo PvP through FCing.


//End Progress Report




I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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