Taking the reins

Recently, the EVE corporation that I joined before my FW corporation, the one I knew I’d dedicate most of my EVE career to, had a leadership shift. Without giving too much away, lets just say our CEO was struggling with the task of running both EVE and DUST 514 sides of our corporation (no thanks to the extremely limited connectivity between both games, but I will not blame CCP for that), as well as keeping his real life managed as well. So he dropped his leadership roles and left the corporation for what I would term a break from the hustle and bustle of what he called “CEO Online”.

It wasn’t exactly planned, however, I’ll let that much be said. So when the CEO became a big DUST player, the EVE side of the corporation essentially lost the key figures who kept the two games connected.

I watched all this from my FW corporation, and decided to make a move.

Leadership, as I would find out, was more than sending a few mails, and tapping the horse back in the right direction. In the absolute absence of any leader, there is no direction that the followers clearly see.

It is necessary, therefore, to be more than a shadow on the sides, nudging here and there. With no EVE representatives of the corporation, I decided to leave my FW corporation, and return to directly steer the corporation.

It is surprising how easy it can be for people, suddenly severed of their previous leader, to adhere to one who fills the void. I do not believe I am the greatest leader, and this will be temporary at best, but lets outline what I have been doing.

So far I’ve created a new intel channel that is not occupied by an alliance that reset us after our leadership changed, and re-established a connection between a close DUST corporation and our EVE forces, to maintain orbital bombardment support for their Planetary Conquest battles.

Trivial tasks to the average CEO, but I feel quite proud. The next step, however, is more worrisome. How do I keep the pilots entertained, interested in the corporation, and aligned with a common goal?

Because that’s the crux of leadership, isn’t it? Forming the vision, and explaining it in a way that makes those around you also see it, and want to reach for it.

Curious, curious. I’ve taken the first steps, however. I may as well see how well I can do before I hand the reins back over to more experienced hands.

To end this musing post, here’s a classic graphic:

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