First FC victory!

Myrmidon battlecruiser. Fearsome in combat!

Today I led a group of four pilots, so five of us in total, into a battle against another corporation who were dropping orbital strikes for a DUST 514 battle, orbital strikes against a corporation we were friendly with.

They had a Myrmidon battlecruiser, three Catalyst destroyers and a Incursus frigate.

We brought a Gnosis battlecruiser, two Coercer destroyers, a Rifter and a Navitas (me), both frigates.

End result, we killed the Myrmidon, two Catalysts and the Incursus, losing our Rifter in the process. A first successful OP as an FC! 🙂

The match-up was quite even at first glance, especially when you consider a Stabber came in at one point to assist the other side. It was the DPS of this cruiser that took down our Rifter.

However, the key reason for me choosing to initiate the fight was because the Myrmidon deployed sentries. Had he chosen not to display the drones he had, I would’ve been much more hesitant. However, there they were, four Garde sentry drones sitting on the beacon that their whole fleet was arranged around. Perfect. At a close range, and with a tight orbit, they had no chance of tracking our smaller ships, and perhaps even have trouble with the Gnosis.

I saw all this sitting at 200km from their fleet, and as soon as the Gnosis arrived, we struck. The fleet warped to me, and we all warped in at zero. Things got confusing, but I believe the other side may have been more confused. The Catalyst I called primary warped off; later he mentioned in local he disconnected. Unfortunate. I calmly switched to another Catalyst, but maybe too calmly: I don’t think my fleet members heard me. Perhaps I was trying too hard to keep my voice steady; when I outlined our plan of action as I was watching the enemies, I noticed my voice was a bit shaky and tried to rectify it by speaking a bit softer. 😛

At this point in the battle I hastily reminded my fleet of that plan: orbit the sentry drones! And it looked like they did, because on my watchlist none of us were taking damage, the second Catalyst was falling to our destroyers and Gnosis, and the Myrmidon was doing nothing.

The Stabber comes in now and targets the Rifter. I confess I was very relieved he did; had he gone for me the rest of the battle may have ended poorly. I apply my reps to the Rifter, it holds up for a while but eventually he crumbles as my armour reps were never meant to hold up his shield tank. Also, I recall in retrospect I did not overheat my reps. A big mistake on my part; perhaps I was too concerned with making sure the Myrmidon did not have a flight of drones to deploy that could harm me.

However, the Rifter survived for long enough for the Gnosis to put the Stabber into hull. Luckily for the Stabber, he managed to burn away as the Gnosis lost point. Our destroyers I had assigned to destroying the Gardes; another option could’ve been to set them on the Stabber also; that could’ve finished him. I was worried our pilots would stop orbiting and approach the Stabber, giving those Gardes vital moments where they were not keeping high transversal velocity against the sentry drones’ poor tracking.

Now all that was left on field was the Myrmidon, and I gave the order to attack. Now the Myrmidon deploys a flight of Hobgoblins, and my fear is confirmed: I was probably going to die. However, I am not pointed at all. No, one of our Coercers is primaried. Another sigh of relief as I set the reps on the Coercer, mitigating the light drone damage. It turns out the Myrm has no guns of its own, and we proceeded to slug it until it died. His fit confirmed my suspicions. Drone Link Augmentors in the highs, and only a single rep and a plate: that explains why it looked like his repairs were not holding up so well.

We looted the field and extracted ourselves safely. Unfortunately, the ground battle was lost on our side. Our initial fleet did not have the Gnosis, and when we saw the Myrmidon on the other side it took us vital minutes to acquire backup. During those minutes, I assume the enemy was pummeling our ground forces with orbital bombardment. Damnit.

What EVE fleet fights can look like.

Overall, a great experience, I was very lucky to get a fight like this, where the opposition seemed evenly matched with me in terms of fleet commanding. It came down to the fittings that won it for us I think, especially the Myrmidon deploying sentries. Had he possessed turrets in his highs, a flight of mediums and a stronger active tank, that battle would’ve been much more painful.

So now I have found another avenue of EVE to pursue as I put skill points in more vital skills for solo PvP, one that could indeed be even more challenging.

I will call it the path of the “solo logi FC“. I think explaining this beauty deserves a post of its own. 😛 For another time!


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