Progress Report – June 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)


First up lets have a look at the killboard.

KB as of June 2014
KB as of June 2014

We notice that ISK efficiency, that is, the ISK of all kills / Total ISK destroyed or lost in combat x 100 (so in this case 5.09/(5.09 x 2.71) x 100), has risen compared to the May snapshot, however that was because of the carrier kill we achieved this month; if we discard it, my ISK efficiency drops to 54.7% A massive drop compared to May. And indeed, just looking at the Destroyed and Lost columns, since the last snapshot in May I’ve killed 31 ships, in exchange for 44 ships lost. Interestingly, this has lead to a 0.01% INCREASE in Ships efficiency.

So, carrier aside, ISK efficiency has plummeted. I am tempted to point towards the notoriety of Amarr/Minmatar FW space being full of pirate fleets, FW gangs and other assorted hooligans, and my killboards certainly do show a lot of deaths to more than one person. But I don’t think I will let myself use this as an excuse, although I will say jammers piss me off.

I’ve killed nearly a ship a day, and lost a bit more than 1 ship a day. What are the reasons behind this?

I think this can be directly related to me joining the BSB channel, and as such the eagerness for PvP is constantly amplified because there’s a whole bunch of people who you know will appreciate the kill, and everyone’s linking their own kills, and collectively the atmosphere encourages you to go fight, to link loss or killmails, for nothing but the fight. Awesome.

Also, the 14 free Vexors Mevath Sagald gave to me when he was cleaning out his Jita hangar may have had something to do with it. Cheers again, good sir.

Isk-wise, I’ve managed to lose 1.2 BILLION ISK worth in ONE MONTH. Whoa. wait, wait, WHOA. I could’ve plexed my account if I didn’t die all those times? Holy ****.

So how, how did a newbie actually manage to make that much money? Faction Warfare LP. That’s the state of affairs at the moment. The volume of LP you can make (especially at a high Warzone Control Tier [WCT], which is what the Minmatar have been at for the past few weeks) and the conversion rate you can get off them equals lots and lots of ISK. However, the competition on items with the golden conversion rate of 1000ISK/LP (which means 1 medium FW complex nets you about 40 million ISK at WCT3) is extremely tough, and it follows that a boom in the ease to produce LP due to increased WCT leads to more people interested in the lucrative market and eventually supply shoots through the roof and we start seeing those conversion rates drop to about 500ISK/LP. Which is still decent; that means I’m sitting on about 300m ISK worth of LP right now. Furthermore, that means in one night of grinding L4 FW missions, I could probably make 300m. Granted, that means 3-4 solid hours of missioning. But not bad, not bad at all for only being 5 and a half months old.

As an aside, though, I haven’t been very good at the missioning. I’ve lost 3 stealth bombers already, because I’m too lazy to cloak, or I don’t use instawarps when I undock. -shrug- It’s not like I’ve been caught inside the missions themselves, too. Although there have been some close calls in those situations. Curse you, annoying FW mission raiders. *GRRRRR*

Also, I’ve been getting lazier with managing my orders. Steam Summer sale has got me distracted as of late. And then there are people who totally screw with the great LP-to-ISK ratios by undercutting everyone else’s massively. Sheesh, play the 0.01 ISK game damnit. We’re all better off. >:/

Just to conclude my digression, I’ve also noticed a jump in the prices of the Gecko drones, introduced as EVE’s 11th anniversary gift. I invested in some of them, and I’m ready to make the most of it if the prices continue climbing.

So what exactly has losing all these ships and 1.2 billion ISK (I still can’t believe I could’ve been a bISKllionaire) taught me?

I think I’m better at… not much, really. Much of what I’ve learnt is how to see through bait, and conditioning myself to avoid fights sometimes. It’s tough. Having primarily used the Vexor, I’m starting to notice the weaknesses of the ship. For example, it DOES have a limited drone bay. It DOESN’T have a tracking bonus for drones, and heavies really suffer for lack of it.

You start to realise that all the theorycrafting you can do simply doesn’t amount to much in actual in-game combat. Sure, my Vexor with my skills can put out a respectable 400dps. But then the conditions required to put out that amount have to be perfect, and you just don’t get enemies willing to sit around waiting for you to set-up an environment where you can drop perfect DPS on them.

But I have also learnt that this means my opponents have the same problem. I go into fights I would lose easily on paper, thinking to myself that if they make too many mistakes, they just won’t achieve their full potential. Unfortunately, this has not got so well for me and the fights usually do turn out how an EFT warrior would predict them to. Ah, well.


ISK efficiency falling, due to:

  • Blobs (kinda)
  • Increased solo activity
  • Free ships
  • False confidence in the invalidity of paper DPS (I liked typing this)
  • More ISK to spend thanks to FW LP
  • Not knowing how to use stealth bombers for FW missions

Progress towards ultimate objective: As stunted as Tyrion Lannister, but conviction is still as strong as Gimli, son of Glóin.

//End Progress Report

Extra mutterings: Solo PvP is usually One versus Many. 1vm. 1VM. 1vM. OneVMany. OVM. OvM. Ovm. “Hi, I like OvM PVP.” “I like OvM.”


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