Carriers and courage

5-months in to EVE, and I am part of a capital kill.

However, how we managed to get a hold of the Archon was what I am utterly amazed about. I had imagined getting a carrier kill many different ways, but of course New Eden laughs in my face at attempting to predict what will happen tomorrow and throws something completely unexpected at us.

We were in Aeditide preparing to support a DUST merc. group with some orbital bombardment. We saw the Archon on d-scan, of course. I mentioned it on comms, and we started joking around about how funny it’d be if it warped in.

Then it did. Not at 100, not even at 50. The Archon dropped on us at 0, and I swear we were utterly shut up for a few seconds. Then we got to work. Points went up, drones swarmed, batphones rang as we called far and wide for backup.

Meanwhile, though, the carrier pilot didn’t act as though it was a mistake and definitely didn’t struggle to escape. It what can only be described as methodical and planned, he launched drones and dropped them on me, the only logistics ship on field. A logical move; if I was in his position that would’ve been my plan as well.

I, having never experienced fighters before, underestimated their tracking. I knew how shockingly slow heavy drones were, and I assumed fighters were even slower. This is true, but their range is also much greater, and as you know he landed on 0. So it was that I found myself webbed and scrammed by a bloody carrier, getting demolished by fighters. Not only this, his neuts meant I was drained of cap. Interestingly, it appeared that the carrier pilot did not stagger his neuts. Therefore, due to the nature of heavy neuts, I had a 20-second window between cycles for my cap to regenerate, more than enough to pulse my afterburner and pull range. Even so, I was preparing to go down realising that he might just fight us all off without our backup arriving in time, when I escaped from his points. I was at about 20kms from him then, so I’m assuming I was out of disruptor range, however it could’ve been the dampeners of the Maulus and Keres that saved me by lowering the Archon’s targeting range to even less than his disruptor range. Whatever the case, I warped out in about 10% structure.

Immediately, the hurricanes announced they were being targeted. Ignoring the need to repair (Quite foolishly as I realise later), I warped straight back in at 40kms. I am ignored by the carrier, because he’s breaking through my reps with his fighters, and our hurricanes are dropping. He’s also deploying warriors, and picking off our smaller ships. These frigates have too little armour for my reps to restore enough of a buffer to help them take even the small alpha of warriors, so they too got volleyed down.

Our destroyers, they survived though. With my reps and their velocity, light drones didn’t deal enough and bigger drones couldn’t catch them. Perhaps mediums could, but I’d imagine with the carrier’s humongous drone bay, the pilot was in strife of his own trying to manage it all.

Then back-up arrives in the form of friends of a friend. Therefore they were neutral to me, and I baulked, burning away from them… and stopping my orbit on the carrier. Now this is where I have to hand it to the carrier pilot. He was always waiting for an opportunity to nail me once he saw I did not go back to repair, and at this moment he did. Two volleys from a flight of Bouncers and my logi was dead. As I was reshipping to another one, there were further cries for reps from a Hurricane that had also reshipped and returned. I clenched my teeth as I realised the seconds to repair myself at a station earlier could have saved both of us, because at that stage the cavalry was arriving like the Rohirrim to Minas Tirith, and the carrier was well and truly doomed.

So I returned, threw light drones on the carrier to whore, at it was a fairly quick affair from then on. In total, he killed 8 of us. (Maulus – 11m) (Stiletto – 33m) (Hurricane – 63m) (Hurricane – 94m) (Catalyst – 56m [34m of which was the value of Geckos looted previously]) (Blackbird – 19m) (Exequror – 29m) (Hurricane – 71m)

Total: ~ 376m (counted in my head so could be off)

He may have been foolish, but if we had not had friends to call in, he would’ve demolished our entire initial fleet, easily. I am not here to gloat as much as humbly admit that he had balls of steel to pull that stunt off. Thanks for the fight, sir.

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