Let there be… airships?


Okay, maybe not so grand. So that Dustia story I was talking about earlier, I’ve recently started getting back into the writing groove after temporarily abandoning my co-authors (collaborative writing is AWESOME! But that’s another post), but I’ve hit another bump. Namely, I want an airship.

Of course, as an amateur bullshit artist author, I can think of ways to bring one into the story. If you don’t plan on reading the whole story, here’s the lame way in which I do it. I literally pull it from thin air. But don’t worry! There’s backstory. Lol. The best thing about fun projects like these is that there really are no hard rules, just a sprawling tale. It’s as if all our hands are writing together, on top of each other, around each other. Chaotic sure, but fun.

Anyway. That was the easy bit. Next is creating the actual airship. Not as hard. I went to Google Images, Final Fantasy wikis and my collection of Edge Chronicles (I wish I could have served under Captain Twig as quartermaster. Now that’d be an interesting application of commerce knowledge), and in a few minutes I had an idea of what my airship would look like.

Step Three. Description. Tough, much tougher. I started, even though I don’t draw at all, with some sketches.


And here’s how I described it in the story:

“A thin streamlined bow broadening at the end where a cabin rose, with a staircase leading to the stern deck. Two dusty portholes lined the lower hull, and connected to sides of the stern deck was a segmented sail, fin-like. The fore deck seemed to be under some sort of folded canopy, which created a sort of tunnel. Thin lines ran from this canopy to the sides of the ship, and one to the protruding spear-like tip of the bow. It was quite small, 20 meters in length, and from the keel to the stern deck, its height was about 6 meters.”

Feel free to leave a comment to tell me how accurate I was. 😛

The thing about airships is you use the terminology of sea-faring ships, but the aerodynamics and physics of aircraft. I know just about nothing on either, except for what I’ve read in other books. -shrug- Already I think I’ve made a mistake in the sketching labels. The mainsail? Yeah, maybe that’s a headsail. Noooo idea. But it’s really the only sail on my ship, so it can be my mainsail.

And the air flow arrows? Hah, that was just a whim. They look to be pointing in the right direction though, so…

As for how it’ll actually get into the air and stay there, well, you’ll have to keep reading the story to find out. -wink-

I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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