Dustia: A tale

I thought it was about time I posted about something less New Eden-related, although CCP did have an indirect role in starting this project of ours. Anyway, here we go.


What started simply for fun…

A bit of background. Late 2012, I started playing a game called DUST 514. An FPS on the PS3, nothing really special about it at the time (time being very important within CCP’s games and CCP’s development process)¹. However, it promised to be something special, with the help of the community. I wanted to help. So I joined the forums.

I became a fully fledged forum lurker, checking General Discussions, Feedback and News threads every day. I wanted a way in though. I felt the guys who had played throughout closed beta would shun me as a newbie, and my voice would be lost and efforts wasted.

So I looked beyond the more popular sub-forums, and I found what CCP has dubbed The Locker Room. And this is my first ever post on the DUST forums: https://forums.dust514.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=441510#post441510

And boy, have we moved on.

If you skip to about page 7, you’ll see the light-hearted atmosphere intended for this thread died quickly. Funnily enough, it died probably when Thanatos (the Greek daemon personification of death no less) joined.

And it wasn’t a bad thing. Now we possess a sprawling 90 pages of posts, all detailing an epic story woven together with multiple individual strands, each a unique writer, each with their unique styles. If you have some spare time, I definitely recommend it for reading! Admittedly, I personally dislike reading off screens, and no-one’s bothered to compile everything into a neat PDF or Word document yet. But if you break it down into thread pages, it’s do-able. ^_^

So yes, we’ve started something bigger than anything we expected, and it’s still going now, after a year. But alas, real life and my own inherent ability procrastinate at horrendous (note to self: please fix) has lead to me being absent from the last few pages.

That’s changing now. -cracks knuckles-


¹ Assumption based on personal experience, and the proliferation of SOON™ across the forums of EVE Online and DUST 514.

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