Seeing the future, and re-finding fun.

Today I roamed with two new friends, breaking the solitude of solo PvP. Me and one other were in Remote Repair Vexors, with the final member of our crew in a Vigilant. Formidable, to say the least.

Our roam was off to a good start, taking down a Wolf and Catalyst easily, no surprises.

Then a Gila showed up.

And killed all three of us.

Good fight. Would talk more about it but I’m still wincing from the wounds to my pride. He fought 3v1, 3v1! And killed us all. Breaking down the fight would be doing this a disservice. Sure he may have made mistakes, but in the end it was a good fight and he won it.

On a side note, remote repair Vexors are awesome. Would love to try them out again.

Anyway, moving on to brighter topics.

People say 1000ISK per LP is a good ‘conversion’ rate. I agree; it would mean I’m currently holding onto a billion ISK at the moment. However, the reality is that conversion rate is only plausible in the long-run, picking those items that are being traded at fairly low volumes to acquire that kind of ISK per LP.

I don’t have the long-run (unless I went ahead and picked up a trader alt that can keep things up to date and haul stuff around whilst I PvP). I want ISK now, for ships. Thing is, I acquire LP so easily at the moment, with the Matari at Warzone Control Tier 4, and I’m not even doing the FW missions, which most agree pay out ridiculous sums of LP for missions easily and safely performed in stealth bombers.

So I’ve given up forcing myself to seek out those high exchange rates, and instead I’m dropping down to a subpar 600-800ISK/LP. Less ISK but at these values I have a whole host of items I can trade faster, for ISK sooner.

I don’t know why I’m in such a hurry, to be honest. Perhaps in a few months I’ll look back at my string of losses and ask myself why I cashed in the LP back when I didn’t have the SP to use the ISK well.

And to that part of me I say, because I’m here to have fun. And I am, and I ain’t gonna stop for nobody. -clicks fingers- Uh-huh, you heard me. 😛



I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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