What? Drunk with choler?

Vexor on scan. I’m in a Vexor. Possibility of the other guy bringing back-up? System is full of people in the same alliance. Possibility of me having back-up? Zilch.

Other than that it looks like an even fight. I let him warp into the plex, check him out. Pirate, blinky red, full rack of T2 blasters. Probably exact same fit as me.

Okay, I get hesitant. In a full frontal brawl, he’d probably come out on top dps-wise, not to mention the pesky plex rat has stripped my shields by now. I warp out, and scout out another system to head to. Suddenly something flashes on the left of my screen, where my local chatbox is opened wide because I was just trolling in Hek.

[ 2014.06.11 13:46:23 ] Paquito > lol really
[ 2014.06.11 13:46:36 ] Paquito > typical triad


I stop my warp to the next system. This guy didn’t even have the decency to insult me. I just blue balled him but no, he goes ahead and attacks the corporation I’m in. Unforgivable. No, calm down Rev, this is his trap card and you just fell f- *BLIND RAGE KEYBOARD SMASH* But wait, he’s probably got back-up and you’re going to waste IS- WELL THEN WHO’S THE COWARD NOW! Okay hotshot, calm down, I have already deduced he was probably going to best me in a 1v1- BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER. Because he took the matter and turned it into a challenge of honor. And let me tell you I didn’t back down.


He won was because he started targeting my drones first. His drone technique and mine varied slightly, and that variation let him come out on top. He packed in a whole bunch of mediums, whereas I loaded a Gecko to try make up for my poor heavy drone skills. His initial attempts to target the Gecko forced me to put the big boy away and start pelting his Hammerheads. By this time, though, he had no intention of killing the lighter drones I set on his drones, and pummelled away at my hull. Eventually he figured out his T2 blasters and drones could smash through the reps. I should have kept my Gecko popping in and out until he killed it, by then hopefully he would’ve severely depleted his own drone bay doing so. Had I managed that, it would’ve been (presumably) an easy matter of smacking him until he died.

But I was blinded by my own impatience to show him that it was not typical for me to run, nor for TRIAD for that matter. He had already won half the fight with that simple comment, and I bit so hard that I was already on the back foot despite forcing him to catch me again in the plex. Another mistake; I should’ve kept out of his blaster range and turned it into a game of drones vs drones. Perhaps then he would’ve made a mistake without the added pressure of his T2 guns straining my reps.

I wish I could call him a douchebag. I wish I could say it was his SP that let him win. I did give him a little jab about his T2 guns, a petty self-satisfying move, but hey, I did feel satisfied after that. Despite it, though, he won fair and square and I could’ve avoided it or at least make him work harder for the win. Next time to prevent myself from succumbing to local taunts I will carry around a tank of honor.



I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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