He’s in structure aaaand- downtime.

Just now my ship and two others’ were engaged in combat before downtime hit. I tried to plan it that way, though.

The scenario was as follows: there was a Caracal on gate, a Cerberus in the system linked by that gate, and me in the system with the Caracal. Their plan was obvious: I hit Caracal, Cerberus comes through and they kill me.

So I try to divide them. Downtime was imminent, and I warp around for a bit until it hit 2 minutes. I knew that with this much time the Cerby probably wouldn’t be able to kill me. But I might be able to take the Caracal down before the servers crashed down around me.

I land on the gate, Caracal is there. I lock him up and he shoots. Jump. As expected, Cerberus is sitting on the other side. Align back to the gate I was just spat out of, hit MWD, lock Cerb. He falls for the same thing. Perfect. Jump.

Now I more or less have the rest of the minute before downtime for me and the Caracal. Approach, deploy drones, web/scram, fire. I’m tearing through his shields, overheat at the maximum regeneration point, and now the Cerberus pops in. I grimace and get my reps ready. Sure enough he’s got explosive and I take hits hard. Caracal is in armour now, and I’m burning both reps.

Armour’s dropping, drones are firing, I’m clenching, Caracal is in structure, I rise off my chair and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO downtime.

Caracal gets away, and now I’m left wondering what kind of scary position I’ve left my ship in. So there’s nothing for it. I sit and keep refreshing the client, hoping to get in and get out before they’re back, especially the Cerby.

Client re-opens, I’m logging in, mashing log-on, but apparently the system is still loading. Good, this means the other guys are waiting too. Finally I get in, I’m warping and I see the Cerb pilot in system with me. Shit.

Land on grid, my drones are there. Approach gate, reconnect to drones. Cerberus lands, points, starts smacking away. Reps are back up but for some reason my cap booster is stuck and I’m frantically trying to get to the gate (4kms off about now).

Drones safe inside, I’m back in structure, hit the gate, and some message about traffic control pops up and I don’t have time to read and I’m panicking and my vision’s fading and I’m going to lose my first free Vexor and I try again and I’m through.


Well that was scary. Anyway I move on happily to the nearest station and repair my modules and such, and head back into low-sec to find something less intense now that downtime isn’t there to save (and disrupt) me. Love-hate thing I guess.

And here’s what happens:


Before I go on,

good fight sir.

You can see my modules and HUD in that picture, and it was as close as it looks. Even without the bonuses I had to drones; hell, to any of the modules he was using, he had me at his mercy for most of the fight. The only reason I managed to pull through was because eventually his shield boosters had to go on reload, and I capitalised on it. But don’t let it sound like I knew what was going on. Essentially, I tried to break free of his web because his autocannons were probably applying more damage than my T1 blasters (I know, I know), and I knew if it came down to a drone DPS vs. drone DPS battle my Vexor would probably win (In hindsight, with his 3 DDAs and with my navy Ogres (Yeah :/), he probably wasn’t far behind me). Anyway I did better than I expected at pulling range and he lost point on me. At that point (-wink-), he panicked. Not versed in the ways of pointless PvP, he hastened back to drop a point on me. Unfortunately, he made undue haste to do so, and forgot to keep boosting his shields. I noticed I was in his armour, and I pounced.

I don’t and I will never know if it was intentional; because I soon as I had him at 1km and inside blaster range, his shields started boosting again. He lost the advantage of keeping his shields floating at that magical maximum shield recharge rate, though, and it appears he actually only had a few charges left on his other LASB. I will forever wonder how close he was to reloading his first (if he was staggering them), because if that had occurred I would’ve died, no question.

It didn’t, though, and my drones and I volleyed through the last shreds of his armour and structure to end the struggle. I breathed a sigh of relief, and this time I made all due haste out of low-sec to sit back, write this post and bask in the glow of a good fight.



I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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