Tents, sleeping bags, pegs, fire, marshmallows…

Camps. Specifically, gate camps.


Smart-bombing battleships have been a nuisance of late, restricting easy access into the warzone with frigates, the most popular ships to use in FW PvP.

This dreadful loss of the Helios was partially my own fault, though. I did not bother cloaking at the time so they must have seen me on d-scan and prepared to hit their smartbombs.

This method of killing light ships to me is pointless, and not in the way that pointless PvP is. I can appreciate it if war targets risk their battleships trying to prevent us from going to capture plexes, but most of the perpetrators are pirates and assorted opportunists, so bored they’ve decided to alleviate it by padding their killboards. It infuriates me even more because I want to pad my killboard honorably, and time and time again it appears most of EVE laughs at e-bushido and space-chivalry. And here are these guys, more hurdles in my way.

The plot thickens, however. Recently CCP has released a new special offer for current accounts. Start a new account and you’ll get six months for USD$49.94. A great deal; calculations have shown that it is still great value even compared to the alternative of starting a new account on an extended trial, buying six months at normal price, and then taking the PLEX from the guy who is rewarded from that extended trial, and throwing on another month. The deal is estimated to be around 27c per day, whereas that best possible alternative is still trailing a little behind at 31c per day.

So I look at the numbers, and I look at my string of recent losses, and my eyes light up. Surely this means I should start a new trader character to make my LP to ISK converting so much more efficient, not to mention have the advantage of a hauler alt! I excitedly consider this possibility and I am almost, almost persuaded to go for the deal. Except for one small issue: I’ll only have it for 6 months. After that, I’ll need to subscribe to continue using it.

Is it worth it in the long-term? If I continue to make profit like I am in FW, perhaps. Perhaps I can manage to earn enough to be able to PLEX one account, and the other I keep paying for. Now I have to compare it to having another character on the same account, and simply wait until I earn enough on a single character to purchase PLEX and start up multiple-character training.

Am I willing to invest time into ensuring the trader alt. is worth my money? Yes.

Is real life willing to let me invest that time? That’s a tough one.

Do I need to invest much time though, to do what I plan to do with a trading/hauling alt? Perhaps not.

When I earn PLEX on Rev, will I use it for PvP ships or for MCT? PvP ships.

Well there I have it; it seems I will be looking at the new account after all.


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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