Bashing my head against a brick wall.

Or more accurately, the insane effect of 90% velocity reduction that is incurred on me by a Vigilant’s web.

The Amarrian have powerful friends. This Vigilant is an obstacle I cannot fight alone, that’s for sure. And blobbing him will get me some satisfaction, but not what I seek.

The way I see it, in a fairly equal fight at initial engagement, the victor claims power over the other party such that the person warping away in a pod knows the loss was because the other pilot outflew him, or her. This is not the same in ganks where the victim knows there is nothing he can do. Getting ganked doesn’t make me PvP any better after I am sent home before I can fire my guns.

Close fights though, make me think. What could I have done to win? Could I have won by a larger margin? I consider the answer to one of these, and my opponent for that fight is most likely considering the other. When I win, I assume whoever fought me will step back and ask themselves how they can improve. By doing this, they get better, but I feel that this also means they accept that I beat them. I didn’t win because I blobbed them, I didn’t win because my ship was better, I won that fight because I managed my modules better, or overheated at the right times, or engaged at the right distance. These fights are what I seek.

Disclaimer: The rest of this post will possibly disintegrate into nonsense. When I wake up tomorrow I will fear re-reading what I will have written below.

And in seeking, it is inevitable that I come across people who don’t think the same way. For me to beat this Vigilant alone I would probably need a ship like an Ishtar, that can apply most of its potential DPS whilst staying out of range of those deadly webifiers. Would it be a good fight? Certainly sounds like it. Would it make him submit to my superiority? A bit egotistic there, and I probably wouldn’t care if I killed him, to know if he would ever admit to others or himself that I beat him in a fair fight.

But it wasn’t a fair fight, was it? I would have to train for another few months to fly the appropriate Ishtar to beat the Vigilant alone, and then only because the Ishtar is what many would consider a hard counter. Rock breaking scissors is hardly a fair fight.

I started off trying to keep this post objective but in my sleep-deprived, slighty ticked off state of having just lost a Vexor in the ungodly hours after midnight, I will admit that I am looking at that one Vigilant pilot specifically. Albeit, other Vigilants can do the same things to me, but other Vigilants don’t lead war targets to me, nor would they go suspect whilst surrounded by my war targets, for fear that we would all unite against it before returning to our perpetual war.

Is this pilot, as an extension from that little discussion I had on risk aversion, someone who actually IS risk averse?

I would go on to answer the question, but I realise as of moment of writing this that it would be a superficial attempt at revenge that I don’t have to take.

Perhaps the only way TO fly in EVE Online is to avoid your ‘counters’ and fight what you counter. Perhaps all this talk about close fights, pursuing great fights, is impractical. Perhaps I should succumb to blobbing, gang warfare, off grid boosters.

Perhaps. But New Eden has not broken me yet.




I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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