The BSB Community

The life of a solo PvPer doesn’t necessarily have to be walked alone. I joined the Bringing Solo Back channel in EVE after a few of our lossmails were linked there after a fleet op by our assailers. Through the web of channels that makes up in-game comms in EVE, one guy in a channel I was in asked why those mails existed in the first place. I asked him where he found it, and bam, I was in BSB.

Here one finds fellow players who also wish to, and do, PvP to their hearts’ content. It’s quite satisfying linking killmails knowing others appreciate what you went through to get the kill. Many also aren’t ashamed to link lossmails too; some of which are preceded by numerous killmails, mapping out the progress of a fight. Glory, blood and death. Perfect.

Not just that, but the atmosphere is quite pleasant despite the content. Mindless PvP banter, short and sweet jabs at each other, broken by the occasional moment of silence for some great killmails, or a humbling loss. Sometimes, there are cases where the topic goes so completely off the track of EVE Online PvP that we become embroiled in deep philosophies of the world that every EVE channel with enough members inevitably experiences.

Anyway, the thing about BSB and PvP overall is that every fight is different. I’ve noticed not many people ask about the fight, just assess the killmail and makes judgements from that. I break in here and there with a one or two questions, like “how did the initial engagement go?” and “how late were his reps/guns?” etc. etc., and sometimes it reveals a lot about how the kill was actually acquired. Such as, for example, replies like “oh, he was afk for the first 10 seconds of the fight”. The guys and gals in there are all happy to recount their victories, a little less their losses but most of us link our lossmails with a little explanation, just to keep our e-peens unwrinkled (oh wow that imagery disturbs even I, its creator).

Every fight in PvP is a new fight. It’s so, so rare to find the same fight twice. Unlike PvE, where each mission is mapped out for you after you’ve done it once and recorded it somewhere (or these days just go to EVE-Survival), you can only map out previous fights to an extent, because going up against the exact same ship, heck, even with the same fits, can lead to different outcomes depending on many, many other factors. And that’s why BSB lives, and will live on. It is the sheer novelty of every fight that makes it worth sharing, plus albeit the great little community that has evolved around the pursuit of the perfect fight.

But enough from me about BSB. Lets see what its inhabitants have to say about it.

[13:57:18] Baali Tekitsu > swag

[13:57:34] Naoru Kozan > bringing gorski back

[13:57:55] okoolos rimmer > fluff & bluff

[13:58:02] Arto Uedo > whiny nerds 😛

[13:58:15] Naoru Kozan > “links are not solo pvp”

[13:58:33] Arto Uedo > “links ARE solo pvp!”

And this was only a snippet from the AU TZ, where everything is dead. You can imagine what it’s like in prime US TZ time, or you can join and find out! I only had to spend a few days in channel and link a few kill/lossmails and I was integrated. May it live long and prosper.



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