Careless as Icarus; Falling into the sea of humility

Recently haven’t been doing so badly in PvP, securing kills alone and with friends without taking much in the way of losses. However, I should not have interpreted this as meaning I am ready to pick fights that usually would not be wise to jump right into.


zKB link:

Not a spectacular lossmail in any way, except for how it happened.

Had been watching these two enemy militia Caracals warp around system as I sat in a medium FW plex, running it down. They never came to the entry gate, but I knew they were moving around. So when I finished the plex, I went to go find them, and lo and behold I found one at a belt with pirate wrecks. Belt ratting. I couldn’t believe my luck. A Caracal who had ignored me for twenty minutes and was belt-ratting, surely this was going to be an easy kill. I was wrong.

Firstly, my entry. I figured he may have moved a little as he was ratting, and warping to zero might not mean I’d be right on top of him, a position optimal to me. So I warped in at 50 to check out the situation, and be able to get out if he wasn’t easily reachable. Turns out he was sitting right on 0, and I ended up 50kms away. However, since I thought I was such a great PvPer, I decide to run him down. MWD on, and I’m at 14kms and have launched my drones when the second Caracal comes in.

Suddenly I realise I’m not getting any closer to the first one; he has an MWD too. And wow, a warp disruptor. Too late I realise my mistake. The rest was a humiliating attempt to close the gap even though he was moving slightly faster than me with my overheated MWD, them slamming through my reps with their missiles, and my drones also unable to catch the Caracal.

New Eden threw me into the deep end and clipped what wings I had thought I had. This was a rude awakening from the fantasy I had concocted for myself of elite PvP skillz and other people in low-sec being less talented than me, and I was certainly not amused yesterday. They didn’t even return my ‘gf’! I grudgingly accept the message, though, and now that I’m clear-headed and back at rockbottom, once again there’s no where else to go but back up.



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