Winning EVE and Navigation (with extra heat)

Today I was absent from EVE Online for a full day, something unheard of since my character’s birth mid-January this year. And strangely, the day I am away from it the longest, the most I get from it the game.Image

Now I know the cool information is hidden, but suffice it to say that these were all sell orders on items purchased through the LP store. The massive one, interestingly enough, was the one I least expected to sell, but the whole thing was bought out by one person. Incredible; the spontaneity of New Eden awes me to this day (not saying much; I’m not yet five months old). I will even go so far as to make one of my logically warped conclusions from this screenshot, and say that surely this must verify that the only way to win EVE is to not play. Your skills train, your orders sell, and you don’t lose ships! -wipes tear from eye at own ingenuity-

However, not playing does not make me better at PvP. Winning EVE can come later when I succumb to the inevitable bittervet syndrome.

And with that, on to the next little thing I have to say tonight.

Navigation skills. More and more, I’ve been discovering that with a decent cruiser, good navigation skills means you go for longer and harder. Sexy, right? Not when you only have 100k SP in the Navigation category, which is what I had a few days ago. This is being rectified as we speak.

With good navigation, your propulsion modules actually mean something. I was initially a skeptic of prop. mods, thinking they weren’t always necessary. I was right, to an extent. They aren’t always necessary, but when it comes to building a ship in the safety of a station and taking it out into the unpredictable battlefield, you want to get yourself the lowest risk of death, whilst simultaneously increasing chances of landing a kill before you die. When you look at it that way, propulsion modules matter. Pointless deaths to gatecamps can be avoided so easily even against insta-lock point-laden (hahahaha I said they were pointless deaths but there is a point) enemies with Evasive Maneuvering, Navigation and Acceleration Control, for example. Approach the gate, and your prop mod is probably finishing its first cycle by the time you’re pointed. If you’re using an MWD, you’re already through the gate. If you’re using an afterburner and they have webs, it might be a closer shave. Thing is, the range on webs and the bane of MWDs (warp scramblers) means in most jumps they have to get closer to you unless they’re boosted and overheating or using an EWAR ship with point range bonuses. In that case, when your ship is in ashes (and your pod is warping to safety), you have my permission to abuse them in local.

Speaking of overheating, this is something else that I’ve found really fun in PvP. Note that I say fun deliberately, rather than saying helpful, or useful. Currently, learning how to manage overheating modules on top of everything else is extremely difficult for me, and I’ve already burnt out crucial modules and let people slip from my grasp because I’m too busy smacking myself in the face at my stupidity. Luckily the last time this happened, the guy I was fighting thought I was being honorable by dropping point on him and letting him warp off. Rather, I was trying to manage my drones whilst staring stupidly at my greyed-out local rep, wondering how on earth it had burnt out without me noticing. Luckily, flying ships like the Vexor, my guns aren’t what applies my damage, so at least my enemy will keep feeling the hurt even if I foolishly burn out my guns too. There are definitely benefits to the overheating though. Linking back to navigation, propulsion modules have awesome overheat bonuses, but beware burning out that prop mod because they get hot fast. This is directly related to the aforementioned sexiness of navigation. Since these skills are so valuable, the modules they enhance aren’t allowed to overheat for too long, because balance, right? Okay, that may have been a slightly logically flawed proposal. But in essence, navigation is hot, so prop mods get hot faster.




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