Big fleets and me.

Been reading a lot about null-sec and end-game fleets lately, specifically:

Marlona Sky’s blog post.

A recent TM.C article on logistics cruisers.

And an older article on the development of sov warfare tactics.

As a newbie FW solo and small gang PvPer, I haven’t  really experienced first-hand the huge fleets of null-sec apart from the occasional ridiculously large gate camp, but here’s how I see what large-scale warfare should be like.

A fleet should be a dynamic version of a single ship; with the fleet commander as the captain. Logistics ships are the local rep modules, DPS ships are the guns, force recon and electronic support are your EWAR modules. Links and leadership skills are you ship bonuses. It’s like a 1v1 of giant scale and minute detail. Ever imagined what a fight would be like if you could choose to target your enemies’ guns and try destroy them before they can be repped? Or a fight where you could shoot at the cockpit where the captain is and try dislodge the leadership and severe the head of your enemy? That’s what a fleet fight should feel like to an FC; his fleet is now his crew members and he’s standing at the helm of a great, big power ranger mega-zoid blob of doom.

When I go out and PvP, and I don’t hit a gate camp with opportunistic pirates who wouldn’t dare fight me alo- sorry, sorry. I recently fell into the grasp of another gate camp. Gosh it really sucks, losing your ship before you even get onto the field. I was jammed too, so I couldn’t even fire back in defiance. Rendered helpless in the clutches of my enemies. Luckily I am quite inspired to aspire to be the best, but I fear not all new players will think the same. EVE is a sandbox, but I am coming to learn that others share the same sandbox, and not everyone wants to let you build sandcastles in peace. However, having said that, that doesn’t mean we should LET our sandcastles get toppled without resistance. Some friends say I get overly excited sometimes, when a fight is shaping up. I start spewing out all the things that could go wrong, for instance. This is me fearing for the wellbeing of my sand, precariously built upon an unstable inflow of ISK that a new player and PvPer inevitably will have. When I do end up getting destroyed by enemies, I want to know that I did everything within my power to stop them, without turning it into a chore. I want to have had fun fighting for what I worked for in the game, and if I can achieve that then losing what I earned is probably worth it.

A fleet commander should think the same way about his fleet. They are now his crew, their combined ships’ HP and ships’ DPS are the HP are guns for the FC’s ‘fleet-ship’. What is the FC responsible for in the middle of a fight?

A solo PvPer in low-sec has to keep an eye on d-scan, manage active modules of which there are dozens, consider transversal velocity and velocity of enemy ship(s), the same things for their own ships, understand what the enemy is attacking him with, how best to counter, when to disengage, where to move, whether to manually pilot or not, keep an eye on the overview, keep the enemy at a perfect range, and dozens of other things which have to be taken into account in as short a time as a few seconds when it comes to frigate combat.

Are FCs required to do this? The answer to this question will reveal to me whether or not something must be done about large fleets and the tactics involved in them . Is their task so demanding at these large-scale levels of warfare that good FCs end up beating bad FCs through their leadership, or has blob warfare degraded to a point where tactical and strategic decisions do not matter like split-second decisions made in the intense moments of solo PvP combat?


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