The initial weeks.

Before I forget about them, I thought I’d recall and record my first few months or so of EVE Online with a full account (as opposed to the month when I played EVE on an extended trial with a laptop that could barely handle browser games, at the start of 2013. When I finally subbed this year I deleted that character. I realise now that was a ridiculously pointless waste of SP). Already, events, decisions and skills I’ve trained have all blurred into that haze of the past. I’m almost at seven million skill points now, and what happened during the acquisition of the last six million I couldn’t possible recall, unless of course I bothered recording them in a timeline. Since I’m the strange guy that I am, I did, in The Southern Legion’s internal forums. I actually bothered to keep going until mid-April, and then simply got lazy. Anyway, here are some of the interesting (and maybe not so) things I did prior to joining T.R.I.A.D. and Minmatar Faction Warfare.

  • L2 missions. By God, I did a lot. The Republic Fleet loved me and my trusty Vexor, eradicating pirates from existence over, and over, and over again. I grinded through to 7.8 standings, mainly on these L2 missions but also with help from some L3/L4 missioning fleets that we use to run quite frequently in TSOLE.  Doing missions solo was more troublesome for me because when I started out, I took one look at ISIS and bang, that was it, I had resolved to use cruisers only in PvP. This meant I had no intention of even training battlecruiser skills, and since BCs are the easy route to enter solo L3s, the only alternative I had was to wait months to get a HAC to do them. Needless to say, I got bored of grinding through L2s alone after a while.
  • Encounters with CONCORD (1). I had to learn the hard way how to fear the high-sec police force. Twice my ship was destroyed by CONCORD, both humiliating. The first occasion was a small cruiser tournament organised by TSOLE. I had no intention of joining; this was the beginning of March and I felt intimidated by my 50m+ SP peers. One guy didn’t have a partner though (it was a 2v2 tourny), and I was available to offer as a tribute. And blood certainly was shed. We did very well despite my initial doubts. I was in an Exequror, he a Thorax, and essentially the partnership worked flawlessly that first day. Until I decided to assist by sending in some combat drones to attack the last target on field, an incredibly well-tanked Maller, after the limited engagement timer we initiated through dueling each other ran out, since for most of the fight I was busy repping. I was blapped, and my partner died to the Maller. CONCORD cost us 2nd place in that tourney.
  • Encounters with CONCORD (2). The next time I met CONCORD, I was roaming low-sec in my Vexor alone, one of my first solo roams ever, and I was in luck! A Magnate was sitting afk at the sun, and a few well-controlled drones and point meant I had secured a kill, solo. Elated, links went up in my chat rooms so everyone could see the success. So filled with joy was I that I immediately set a course back to HQ to start a missioning fleet and grind my way until bedtime in the afterglow of the great kill (apparently zkillboard thought it was so worthless it didn’t even bother recording it). Then the smile was wiped off my face when I jumped into low-sec, and found myself surrounding by the familiar dread blob of white that is the imminent CONCORDokken. One movement, and I was history. Luckily, I was safe in my pod and it really was only my crew that was going to die due to my criminal actions (I popped the Magnate’s pod too), so I was happy to try burn back to the gate. Unsurprisingly, CONCORD was faster. That would’ve been the end of it then, and I might not of even cared about the loss if a newbie younger than me hadn’t flown by in a rookie ship, fired a round at me, and acquired the killmail for himself. Even then, I could’ve swallowed the loss and left quietly. But no: he sends me a ‘gf’ in local. I leave system brought down to size, and I am now ever watchful of my timers.
  • Riddles. One of the highlights of my early EVE days was spawned from one of my greatest challenges. How to make ISK? Sitting in Jita, watching the anarchy of local, an idea popped into my mind. Create riddles, make a game out of it. Guesses come through ISK transactions, and if they get it right pay them out. Initially the responses were quite hostile. Understandably, of course. It’s Jita. At the time I felt quite annoyed at the distrust because I wasn’t making ISK, but now that I look back they simply remind me of good times.

[ 2014.03.06 07:06:56 ] Revileushin Eyri > why does no one give my riddle challenge a go? are the rewards too small? D:
[ 2014.03.06 07:07:56 ] Tyson Litltntking > Revileushin Eyri Cause it’s a fucking scam.

[ 2014.03.07 12:20:23 ] Revileushin Eyri > Test your wits against my riddle; see my bio
[ 2014.03.07 12:20:36 ] Alexander Kaan > Revileushin Eyri test your wits against my block, see my list\

[ 2014.03.08 05:05:52 ] Revileushin Eyri > how about you get it right, and find out its not a scam
[ 2014.03.08 05:05:54 ] Ahshalon > lol
[ 2014.03.08 05:06:02 ] Skurven > how about you lick my chafed nipples

[ 2014.03.08 05:16:41 ] Kurgan Malcoth > Revileushin Eyri Interesting game you had going but you count me with the “I don’t care’s”. Is Captain Asi a shill of yours? (Someone got the answer to that particular riddle right and had the grace to tell people in local I wasn’t a scammer. By the natural progression of Jita-logic, he is now a ‘shill’ of mine.)

[ 2014.03.08 12:54:03 ] Kurgan Malcoth > Revileushin Eyri Are you still at it? I will credit you for being different from most chaff traffic in Local but you still amount to “waste of text”. BLOCK effected.

Lots of people asked me whether I made ISK from the challenge. Barely. Most of the people who guessed got the riddles right and were paid. HOWEVER, those who got it right and were paid were also pleasantly surprised, expecting the ‘same shit, different packaging’ that everyone else was calling my challenge. Some of them were so overwhelmed that someone was actually providing a legitimate game, entertainment and working for profit (in Jita), and because I had totally changed their outlooks on lives, sent me generous donations. Most of this went back into increasing rewards for the actual game.

Eventually though, I lost motivation. It just wasn’t working well enough to fund my PvP habits, and MAYBE people would start trusting me months down the track, but I didn’t want to wait that long to have the ISK to pew pew.

  • A little bit of PvP. If you take a look at my killboard you’ll see it’s mainly me dying, with a few lucky kills scattered in between, or fleet operations yielding some results. As one local pirate put it, I really didn’t have a killboard; rather a ‘lossboard’, where apparently all my kills are simply negative losses. It hurt like he threw hot sand at my face, but I gritted my teeth, crunched on those sizzling grains of truth, and accepted it. One day, I vowed, one day I will be able to look at this portion of my killboard and smile sheepishly at my early foolishness. I hope I never forget these humble (and idiotic) beginnings. I want a killboard that shows progress, to show red slowly blending into green, then becoming mostly green with spots of red.

And that’s about it, really. I joined FW eventually, and finally figured out that I had been trying to fly before I had learnt to walk. (But that’s another post)



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